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A string of dreams.

Blog entry posted by BlastTyrant, Jun 2, 2012.

I have always had strange dreams ever since i was little but as of late they have been more frequent, just a few nights ago i had one that i swear i have had before. It starts off in a garage with a few friends and as the night goes into the midnight hours we started seeing weird lights off in the distance as we would go out to use the bathroom.

Well one of my friends start to notice the lights getting closer and closer till eventually we start to hear some thing running around in the attic of the garage and quick moving shadows in other parts of the garage, naturally we all start to panic and decided to go look at whats moving around in the attic as we go up the ladder the lights on the ground level go out so we go running into the dark attic and open our cell phones to use them as flash lights, as i do it i notice on my phone the time is 1:45am and as i look up i notice a glimmer of something grey as it runs off into the other room in the attic.

Panicked we quickly run down into the 1st level again and start to run for the side door in the garage to get out and go into the house, the whole time we can hear things scurring after us in the attic and on the main floor, we reach the door and run outside where its literally a rainbow of lights all over. As i look behind me all but one of my friends is gone, so we run for the door to my house and as we get there i see a quick flash of red lights and i see the last friend with me just sitting quietly on the steps not moving or speaking and i can hear a laughing not like a childs laughter but more of, a god how do i explain it more like a little person who has sucked on a helium balloon kinda laugh.

So i run past him and into the front yard where my tree in the front yard is lit up with little floating red and green bulbs of sort, then i notice a bright light coming up the driveway so i start to back peddle as the laughing grows closer the light got brighter and i could start seeing little figures around me till eventually it was a ear splitting sound and the lights were on me and i wake up.

Now a few things that i remember is that no matter how close the figures were i could never fully make out what they look like, it was if they were always a blur and naturally every morning i reach down to grab my cell phone to see if i had any texts and what time it was, well what caught me off guard as my phone said 1:45am but it was obviously morning time, turns out my phone was actually froze with that time on the screen, i actually had to pull my battery for the phone to reset.

This is only one of many that have been happening to me, if anyone is actually interested in more i can tell them, there all burned into my memory as if i just had them, if no one is interested i will still tell em to get em off my chest and hopfully outta my mind for a little bit :) Have a good read. If you wanna know a little more feel free to look at my post at Allow me to tell you a story about me. "very long" | Paranormalis

About the Author

I Tell these storys in chance that i never come back from one of these dream's.
  1. BlastTyrant
    I took your advice sam and i sent him a text this morning, but he hade no idea what i was talking about lol he said he has never had a dream even remotly close to what i explained : / seems as though the whole friend vibe may have only been that just a vibe for comfort ya know?
  2. Samstwitch
    If you have an idea who it was and just tell them about your dream, I don't think they would consider you weird. You're just sharing a dream with them. If they are connected to it in some way and are aware of it, then they might tell you. Whether or not you share it with the person you suspect was in it really depends on if you want to know the meaning of the dream.
  3. BlastTyrant
    The thing is i don't remember wich friend it was, i have a idea who it may have been but i just know they felt like friends. I run into the same circumstances that most do, and thats if i open up and tell people of what happens i would be ridiculed and just told im crazy, so i find it easier to express and talk about this under the security and anonymity of the internet.
  4. Samstwitch
    Yet again, your dreams and experiences sound like you are an Abductee. I recommend undergoing Hypnotic Regression Therapy with an expert in the field of Alien Abductions. (About your friend in the dream...have you ever questions him/her about the possibility that they might also have dreams or memories of something happening at your house?)