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Aarrr!! KFC!

Blog entry posted by Num7, Jun 8, 2012.

While my GF wasn't at home, I decided to go to the local KFC restaurant and get my hands on some fried chicken sandwich. She won't let me eat KFC's stuff. :(

Here is what I ate:


I eat KFC's chicken on very rare occasions, so I figured it was enough to blog about it.

The real sandwich looks pretty much like on the picture, except for the lettuce that was completely messed up in my sandwich. Oh, and there was a lot of mayonnaise, so much that I'm pretty sure if there were none of it, the sandwich wouldn't taste anything. I think it's better than a McChicken, but McD's fries are much better.

And no, I didn't eat a Double Down this time!!!

About the Author

My name is Num7 and I'm the forum's administrator. This blog contains, among other things, the chronicles of my journey at the helm of an awesome community. I'm not responsible if you fall asleep while reading this.
  1. Justinian
    You know.. I've never even heard of this double down.. So off I went on the Google. That doesn't even look remotely pleasing. The one time a year I venture back to civilization I find things like this that are new and everyone is like.. yeah that was so yesterday, nothing new.. But for me, this stuff is new and neato. But I don't think I'll be trying one any time soon. After Magic Johnson gives me the cure for AIDS and Cancer, then maybe I'll try it.
  2. Num7
    Sam, my GF doesn't want me to eat it because it's so greasy and oily. It's probably even worse than McD.

    BT, I tried the Double Down once and I felt like shit for something like 3 days. I posted this topic back then do discuss it. A few members gave it a try. I feel that you too should report your Double Down experience in that thread. (I bumped the thread in the General Discussion section, you'll find it easily!)
  3. BlastTyrant
    Dude double down is so horrably wrong but it is soooooooo soooooooo gooooooood, damn now i want one.
  4. Samstwitch
    Now my curiosity is aroused. Why won't your GF let you eat KFC stuff?