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Does anyone have info that could possibly revive John and prove he isn't a complete hoax?

Discussion in 'John Titor's Legacy' started by Blue Wolf, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. TimeFlipper

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    Feb 8, 2015
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    You were absolutely correct (y).
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  2. JimmyD

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    Oct 6, 2017
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    Not really. Review the conversation.

    Everything was flowing quite nicely. But I apparently aggravated you when I explained to Paula that I do not trust her with that information. You then accused me of being a pretender and sensationalist and attention seeker, to which I responded by explaining and reiterating why, ..which is reasonable and ethical.

    You continued to demand and accuse while I explain and repeat and reiterate.

    You ignore my statements, continue to press, and then judge my behavior and ethics as "ridiculous". When I reciprocate your judgement by comparing you to a spoiled child not getting your way, I am the one who is supposedly being rude?

    Looks like you all need a reality check to me. ...or does it have something to do with paying moderators to support your ego?

    This thread is about asking for information that may renew interest in Titor. It just so happens that I have been doing a lot of investigating and have indeed discovered a few things. But it is problematic. There is a lot of scandal and dark truths involved. It's messy, and my resources are incomplete, and some of it I am not at liberty to discuss.

    If I can collect and decipher more accurate data/info, I may be able to better answer that question.

    And seeing as how it has all effected me personally long before most, seeing as how some of those things Titor mentions pertain to myself and others whom I know, I have a different perspective and rightful need to know the truth. I also have an ethical obligation to respect people's privacy. Thus it is entirely reasonable and rightful for me to weigh in and point out discrepancies and ask for assistance in seeking truth, and without telling you people's personal details.

    If anyone is being rude, it is you with your ridicule and demands that I ignore everything in favor of serving your selfish judgmental whims.