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Group of People Film Multiple UFOs in the Nevada Desert

Discussion in 'Cryptozoology and Mythical Beings' started by Paranormalis, Mar 27, 2017.

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    LAS VEGAS — Multiple people in Nevada witnessed a group of UFOs and were able to catch it on video.

    UFOs move in circles in the night skies of the Nevada desert. Credit: Steven Barone

    Steven Barone said on Monday that he and four other people were in the desert near the Air Force base in Las Vegas on Sunday night when they captured the event.

    “I noticed numerous lights swirling around in the sky, near Red Rock canyon. We went there but then they appeared about 30 miles away,” said Barone.

    Barone says they were at least 11 UFOs and that one of them was red and another one yellow, while the rest of them were white. He then claims a police helicopter and cars arrive as the lights keep moving.

    The 13-minute video shows a series of lights chasing one another in circles.

    Barone says the lights were still there when they left and that a group of police cars were parked in the area.

    In 2015, a man in Texas released footage containing a similar incident.

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