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Incredible Geometric Fishing Rod

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by TimeFlipper, Apr 18, 2017.

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    Feb 8, 2015
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    This is the story of John Henry Hirst who invented the most incredible Fishing Rod the world had ever seen...Before World War One he was a very keen angler who won every fishing competition that he entered by virtue of his highly unusual fishing rod....He somehow worked out the Geometry of how to catch fish and eels from his unique rod!..He named the 17 foot rod, The Spider Rod as it resembled a spiders web..

    During the First World War in 1915 and The Battle of Ypres was in progress, John Henry Hirst was fighting in the trenches until the Captain of his Army group discovered Hirst`s ability to catch fish and he was then assigned the job of catching fish for the men in his group...He would sit most of the day by a small river dodging machine gun fire from the Germans and catching huge amounts of fish, and miraculously was never injured..

    When the War had ended Hirst continued entering competitions and would even allow the other anglers an hours start ahead of him, however he inevitably won every time...He tried to get a patent for his unique fishing rod, but it was never granted...After his death his fishing rod became lost until last year when it was advertised on one of the UK`s favourite TV shows, the Antiques Roadshow...It was in poor condition, however a gentleman called Mr Victor Bonutto who is an angler and collector of fishing items, bought the fishing rod for £5000 and renovated it back to its original condition..

    I decided to put this in the Science and Technology thread as Hirst proved beyond doubt the Science behind his Geometric Fishing Rod...Geometry is believed to be the essence of the Universe and Time-Travel...I will be trying to obtain the Geometric structure of the fishing rod and also contacting the owner of Sky Books, Peter Moon, for any details of Time-Travel which primarily uses Geometry, as he told me about ten years ago that the whole structure of the Universe is built upon Geometry...


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