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Mandela Effect - WTF does it mean?

Discussion in 'Alternate Histories and Timelines' started by Snow, Apr 1, 2017.

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    Jun 23, 2004
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    My husband and I are having one - the Charles Manson Murders. Before I say anything else - those of you who are old enough to remember where you were and what you were doing - think about it and then fix the date, before googling it.

    What are your personal results?

    @Khaos - freaky ain't it?

    Also, can you believe "aint" isn't a typo if you put the apostrophe? aint ain't - WTF? It's not even a real word, right?

    I have been following Anthony Patch on his "nothing has changed" ME theory pretty closely because I like him a lot . . . but I just can't buy it. The changes that I am sure of - I am thoroughly convinced of - and there is residual evidence to consider, and the fact that so many of the changes (especially the changes before the youtube click bait artists got involved to make a buck) are remembered across the board for those experiencing the effect. No one remembers all of them because an honest person has to admit their attention was not focused enough on each instance to be sure about ALL of them.

    If nothing has changed except for some edits in your gray matter, then these Mandela Effect editors are pretty fucking amazing at their jobs if they can individually edit the gray matter of large groups of people and have all of them hold the very same wrong memory. It is hundreds of times more impossible to believe that than it is to believe these things actually have changed - no matter what the method.

    Gawd - I don't know if I articulated that very well.

    Besides, in his theory, being able to note the differences is somehow a good thing. If nothing has changed and I am in the group whose heads are being messed with - then how can that be better than being in the group whose heads are unaltered . . .

    Yes - I still look at this thing every single day. It has slowed way down - if not ended. Does that line up for the rest of you?
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    Jan 23, 2012
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    I can totally chalk up false memory when I am alone, but when I am with one or more people who all are having an ME episode along with me, including what happened with my mother and I with the store, I can't believe that is just a coincidence...
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    Oct 28, 2016
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    I remember when I was young using "aint" in a sentence and sometimes teachers and adults would always come back with that smart ass remark saying "aint isn't a word!" or "don't say aint because aint isn't a word" or something like that

    Things most definitely did change.

    And there aint no way in hell the ME is a result of highly advanced technology screwing with ME experiencers memories and that nothing has changed at all! or a natural fault in memory. The residuals show that it's not us misremembering things.
    The way I see it, the residual evidence that can be found is way too obvious now and for some of these scientists and researchers to try and push that theory that nothing has changed at all is a joke and they are just making themselves look stupid for saying that and are ignoring evidence that they needed to investigate but failed.

    I could understand a little bit maybe if some of these scientists and researchers are unaffected by the mandela effect on how they might not take the residual evidence serious enough and look into them deeply enough thinking maybe it's just another disinfo conspiracy or something but any serious ME researcher would not dismiss the deposited residue so easily and say it's got to be memories being altered. Memories being altered is a bunch of bullshit

    I seen comments of people saying that the reality residue that exists is considerable, but insufficient to be proof of anything but only because the residue seems to be flip-flopping at times. I admit things have seemed to flip-flop before but it doesn't make deposited residue insufficient the way I see it and experienced it.

    A lot of people have talked of Rapture type events a lot in the past that was sounding very similar to the ME and this is years before the mandela effect was known as the mandela effect. There really is too many to count that have came out and mentioned a similar event over the years. There was Dolores Cannon talking about "the New Earth" information that supposedly was given to her by beings, keepers or Custodians of earth or something
    apparently there is a conspiracy that she is still alive but I wonder if it's a hoax. I didn't really look into it much. she was said to have died October 18, 2014

    I was going back and listening to the open lines for time travelers that art bell had so many years ago. There were a few different open line TT shows he had but there was one from 1998 that was the oldest I could find and some of the people that called in who claimed to be time travelers even would sometimes mention that in the future there would be a rapture type event where people would be taken to a new version of earth and that some would be left behind. I know it's hard to take any of the alleged time travelers serious on coast to coast AM but it's still very interesting to hear some of the things said.

    A claim by some astronomers is that earth is in the wrong position in the galaxy. That we use to be on the Sagittarius outer arm but instead now on a central part of the Orion arm in the Milky Way galaxy.
    I also remember learning it being Sagittarius. way on the outside.

    I still research ME stuff when I can, it's pretty much stayed the same pace but it's hard to keep up with everyone coming out with all the new theories of what happened. it's crazy of how many various different theories I hear about