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missing TIME

Discussion in 'Aliens and UFOs' started by HDRKID, Jan 31, 2015.


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    Jun 17, 2004
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    What is going on. Yesterday, I had a missing TIME episode that was major. Basically, I left my house at 12:15 PM ang got to town at 1:58 PM - town is 13 miles away. Like wow, I was late for a meeting even. Sadly, things are strange for me. Driving to town takes 15 minutes or more. However, not two hours or near so.

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  3. Wind7

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    Jan 3, 2015
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    I hope that you're okay!
    Do you wear a watch of any kind? Was there a Time differential showing?

    This made me remember back to 1990-92, there were several UFO sightings around
    a town some miles away from my residence. Enough sightings where it made the newspapers.

    I recently happened across an old letter written by my mother about a personal
    sighting that she actually had around that time.
    She was driving home from her job when she saw an 'un-natural' light behind her
    jeep and then it moved...Fast and was then over her , then in front and over to the side
    of her vehicle moving slowly at first across an open area of field and then it blazed with a
    very bright light and went straight up,stopped, moved slowly to the left and then straight up
    until it was gone. It's motions were far too quick to be an airplane of any kind.

    I thought she had gone a bit barmy until I read the news.
    (Link below has the actual clip)

    Four UFO sightings occur in Elk River area of Minnesota - Elk River, Minnesota, United States - September, 1992 - UFO Evidence

    She almost called it in...But didn't want anyone to know it was her.

    The claim in the above archive was not her.

    A few of my friends had UFO sighting claims during the late 80's as well.

    I never witnessed anything myself. :(

    My sister even saw a UFO that made it to the Star Tribune back in 65'-66'.
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