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Nag Hammadi-"Chenoboskion Manuscripts"

Discussion in 'Spirituality and Religion' started by Mayhem, Oct 6, 2017.

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    The Nag Hammadi Library, a collection of thirteen ancient books (called "codices") containing over fifty texts, was discovered in upper Egypt in 1945. This immensely important discovery includes a large number of primary "Gnostic Gospels" – texts once thought to have been entirely destroyed during the early Christian struggle to define "orthodoxy" – scriptures such as the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Philip, and the Gospel of Truth. The discovery and translation of the Nag Hammadi library, initially completed in the 1970's, has provided impetus to a major re-evaluation of early Christian history and the nature of Gnosticism.

    Full text of "The Nag Hammadi Library.pdf (PDFy mirror)"
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    Just think how much was lost when the Library of Alexandria burned.
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