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Nuclear Survivor or Casualty

Discussion in 'Apocalypse and Signs of the End Times' started by TnWatchdog, Apr 21, 2017.

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    May 24, 2012
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    Question...if nuclear bombs were to fall do you want to survive or become an 'immediate' casualty?

    If one hit in your town you would see a flash and become vaporized. Surviving would mean being off the grid, having no money, food, or water. You may be forced to raid your neighbor's stash if he hasn't already raided yours. Watch the flick, The Day After, on YouTube, to see what either outcomes would be like.

    People have been talking about a nuclear war since Hiroshima so life goes on...but I was curious about your thoughts. I would rather see a mushroom cloud and turn into dust than to give up my technology. I'm getting spoiled by having smart phones, Netflix, Samsung VR games, Burger King...etc.
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