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Phil Schneider and his photo of Val "Valiant" Thor

Discussion in 'Aliens and UFOs' started by Whitelight, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Whitelight

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    Jun 23, 2005
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    Phil Schneider and his photo of Val "Valiant" Four

    I was looking through some videos today of Phil Shneider, showing them to my fiance as we were in a "look at stuff about aliens online" kind of mood (we're both home sick today).

    In one of his talks, and I've seen this before, he holds up a photo which he states is a picture of an alien named Val "Valiant" Four. I cannot find this photo online anywhere.

    You can't see what he's showing in the videos, their older and fuzzy.

    Does anyone know a link to a close up of this photo to which he claims has this alien in it?


    On a side note, in the hopes of inspiring some discussion on here, what do you think about his "suicide"? Real or murder? He almost seems like the type of guy that would kill himself to make a point, to me anyways.
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    Dec 1, 2004
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    Dec 1, 2004
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    Dec 1, 2004
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  6. Whitelight

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    Jun 23, 2005
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    Re: Phil Schneider and his photo of Val "Valiant" Four

    I wonder if this is the same guy Phil Schneider was talking about, or if he was just crazy and changing the last part of the name a bit. Well I think Phil Schneider is crazy anyways, I just wondered what a close up of the photo he lifts during his talk looked like.

    Do you know much about his story? He claims to be one of three survivors of a battle against aliens.

    Thanks for the help though :)
  7. Alexandria Schlegel

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    Dec 22, 2011
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    This thread is pretty old, but if you still want details on Philip Schneider's story I happen to know a lot about what happened.
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  8. Opmmur

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    Jun 11, 2004
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    I was a friend of Philip Schneider and also know his ex-wife and daughter. He is the re-posting from my Time Travel web site.

    A Message from the ex-wife of Philip Schneider
    by: cimbid

    I am the ex-wife of Philip Schneider. Philip and I met in 1986, were married in
    Carson City, Nevada, and had a daughter, Marie, in 1987. We were
    divorced in 1990 and lived in separate residences. Philip lived in an
    apartment complex in Wilsonville, Oregon. On 1/17/1996 I received a
    call that Philip was dead in his apartment and apparently had died up
    to a week before his body was discovered. At the time of the removal
    of his body, his cause of death was by a stroke. When I went to the
    funeral home I had feelings of discomfort about his death. I asked to
    view the body, but due to decomposition, the funeral director
    suggested otherwise. I wanted to be sure, in my own mind,. that Philip
    had not died under "unnatural causes". For the last two years of his
    life, Philip had been on the "lecture tour" throughout the United
    States, talking out about government coverups. You name it, he was
    talking about it: Aliens (treaties and abductions), UFO's, the One
    World Government, Black Budgets, Underground Mountain Bases, CIA
    involvement in civilian murders and drugs, Stealth technology, the
    Philadelphia Experiment, Operation Crossroads (Bikini Island A-bomb
    experiments), Dulce Fire Fight, the Oklahoma bombing, the World Trade
    Center bombing, missing children, Gunderson Freight Cars, the opening
    of concentration camps and Marshal Law/UN involvement, man-made
    viruses and earthquakes, etc.etc.

    A day later, I received a call from the Clackamas County Detectives,
    that the funeral director had found "something" around Philip's neck.
    An autopsy was performed at the Multnomah County Medical Examiner's
    office (in Portland, Oregon) by Dr. Gunson, and she determined that
    Philip had committed suicide by wrapping a rubber cathater hose three
    times around his neck, and half-knotting it in front. There are
    several reasons why I believe that Philip did not commit suicide, but
    was murdered:

    1. There was no suicide note.

    2. Philip always told his friends and relatives, that if he ever
    "committed suicide" you would know that he had been murdered.

    3. From a number of sources, including his taped lectures (video and
    audio), and statements to his friends, and the borrowing of a 9mm
    gun, Philip felt that he and his family were being threatened and
    were in danger because of his lecutres.

    4. All of his lecture materials, alien metals, higher math books,
    photographs of UFO's coming out of the Operation Crossroad
    A-Bomb, notes for his book on the alien agenda, were missing.
    (Everything else in the apartment was still there, including gold
    coins, wallet with hundreds of dollars, jewelry, mineral
    specimens, etc.)

    5. No coroner ever came out to his apartment after his body was
    found (against Oregon Law) - and a police investigation never
    took under consideration that items were missing from his
    apartment - it was considered a suicide, plain and simple

    6. The medical examiner took blood and urine samples at the autopsy
    but REFUSED to analyze them, saying that the county would not
    "waste their money on a suicide". Although I was assured that
    the samples would be kept for 12 months, when I asked for these
    samples to be sent to an independent lab 11 months later they
    were "missing" and presumed "destroyed".

    7. Philip had missing fingers on his left hand, and limited motion
    in his shoulders. I believe that it was physically impossible for
    Philip to have held the rubber hose in his left hand with missing
    fingers and then wrap the hose three times with shoulders that
    had limited motion. In order to end up where his body was, he had
    to sit on the edge of his bed, wrap the hose around his neck,
    slowly and painfully strangle to death, and fall head-first
    into a wheel chair.

    8. Philip was an expert in chemicals and his own medical needs. He
    had multiple pills at hand that could have ended his life quickly
    and painlessly. He also had a 9mm gun that he had borrowed to
    protect himself. Why strangle himself in such an unusual manner?

    9. Philip was very religious, and did not believe in suicide. He had
    intense chronic pain all of the time I knew him. At the time of
    his death, he was on disability, had a housekeeper, and had
    cancer. The operation to help him with his back pain did not
    alleviate the pain and he had brittle bone syndrome
    (osteoperosis). He struggled every day, not to die, but to live.
    He felt that these lectures he gave was making a difference, and
    was looking forward to giving more. In fact he was scheduled for
    another lecture tour that started 1/16/96 in Tampa, Florida. He
    had just found a friend who was going to help him write a book
    about the New World Order, and he was enjoying his time with his

    10. Philip was undergoing "injections" of "Beta Serone" every week in
    an experiment to stop his multiple sclerosis. After his death I
    contacted the only agency that conducted these experiments to
    obtain his medical record (OHSU). They had never heard of him,
    and he was not a part of their experiments. This would suggest
    people unknown were injecting him on a weekly basis with an
    unknown substance. He often times called me after these "shots"
    to tell me that he was too sick for his daughter to come and
    visit. I believe that the shots that Philip thought were being
    given to him to help him back to health, were actually being
    given to him to make him sick.

    11. Philip was seen with an "unknown blonde haired woman" for several
    months before his death. Several times this same individual was
    seen or talked about and her mysterious presence only leads one
    to wonder if she had anything to do with his "suicide".

    12. Several people with psychic abilities have indicated that Philip
    did not commit suicide, but was murdered (some say by 5 people: 4
    men and 1 woman, 4 directly and one by taking out a "contract".

    It is perhaps important to know WHY Philip began lecturing.

    Firstly: His background was as a Structural Engineer. He was an expert
    on explosives and their effects on geologic structures. He worked
    under two social security numbers. Most of his early work in
    underground mountain bases with Morrison-Knudsen was done using the
    wrong social security number. I was later able to prove that he had
    two numbers through the social security office when I applied for his
    daughter's death benefits. He worked for the Army Corps of Engineers
    and U.S. Navy with the same wrong number. Only after he obtained SSI
    in 1981 did his "real" number come into play. He always told me that
    he had a Rhyolitic Clearance and that his father had a Cosmic
    Clearance from his work with NATO. And that is the second reason why
    Philip began lecturing.

    Secondly: On top of his first hand knowledge about underground
    mountain bases and government black budgets, and the alien agenda (as he
    was one of the survivors of the Dulce Fire Fight with aliens in New
    Mexico) his father was also involved in government black projects.
    When Philip's father, Captain Oscar Schneider, Medical Doctor, United
    States Navy, died in 1993, Philip discovered documents and photographs
    in his father's basement which proved that Oscar had been involved in
    both the Philadelphia Experiment and Operation Crossroads. Philip now
    had letters written in the 1940's and 1950's showing that Oscar helped
    to isolate the crewmembers of the Philadelphia Experiment and that
    Oscar later autopsied them as they died. He also had photographs of
    UFO's fleeing through mushroom clouds after the A-bomb was dropped
    above the lagoon at Bikini Atoll. This was "Operation Crossroads" and
    Oscar was involved in medical examinations of the animals and humans
    exposed to radiation after the bomb was dropped.

    Thirdly: I believe the main reason why Philip began to lecture was due
    to the "murder" of his friend Ron Rummel. Ron was found in a park in
    Portland in Sept. 1993. The police believed that he had committed
    suicide by shooting himself in the mouth. However, if you read the
    detectives report, there is blow-back blood on Ron's hand, but NO
    BLOW-BACK BLOOD ON THE GUN. The only way this could happen is if Ron
    had wiped the gun off AFTER he had shot himself in the mouth. Ron,
    Philip, and 5 other people had been collaborating on a little magazine
    called "The Alien Digest". It was starting to get a fairly wide
    circulation, when Ron was found in the park. Philip felt that his
    friend had been murdered, and decided that it was time to get
    everything out into the open, so he began "spilling the beans", and
    ripped up his security clearance card.

    Pufori, through Jeroen Wierda, . Ashley O'Toole of Beachead in Australia, Star Friends, Mr. Pitt, and now Professor Opmmur are just a few of the agencies and
    individuals that have taken up the call for justice in Philip's death.

    My hopes are:

    1. That Philip's death certificate will eventually be amended with
    the true cause of his death: murder.
    2. That the world will come to know the truth about aliens, UFO's,
    the government cover-ups, black budgets, etc. and how they are
    affecting us.
    3. That assets that belong to his only heir, Marie, can be located
    and turned over to her.
    4. That Philip's true work quarters can be proven by people coming
    forward with information about knowing him before 1981, and that
    his daughter can eventually obtain the death benefits she
    5. That no more "murders by suicide" ever occur to another

    Please look over the information contained in this website. The "truth
    is out there" and it is here. I will follow up with websites that connect you to Philip, his life and death, at a later time

    Sincerely, Cimbid
  9. Opmmur

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    Jun 11, 2004
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    Al Bielek of Philadelphia Experiment fame has passed away at the age of 84 on Oct 14, 2011. When Al Bielek was doing his tours and lectures he had pictures of Valiant Thor which was taken in the 1940s. Anyone can retrieve or find Al Bielek’s old tours and lectures on DVDs or VCR’s, you will find pictures of Valiant Thor. According to Al Bielek Valiant Thor worked in the Pentagon for 40 or 50 years and never aged a year in his life. The last information I heard was that Valiant Thor left the Pentagon and went home in the 1970s or 80s.
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  10. Opmmur

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    Jun 11, 2004
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  11. Samstwitch

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    Oct 29, 2011
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    ABOVE: A man who met Valiant Thor.

    BELOW: Dr. Stranges giving a seminar, talking about aliens and "Valiant Thor"

    I'm not sure what to think about his story. I can't say that I believe it, or disbelieve it. I would like to know more. I would have to know more about the doctrine that he's teaching before I could come to a decision.

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