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Police Officer Records Mothman-Like Humanoid Footage in New Mexico Desert

Discussion in 'Cryptozoology and Mythical Beings' started by Paranormalis, Jul 13, 2017.

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    LORDSBURGH, N.M. — A law enforcement officer on Friday submitted footage of an unidentified creature.

    The officer, who chose to remain anonymous, told Cryptozoology News that he was driving his car south of Lordsburgh when his cellphone camera captured the incident this week.

    “I saw this thing out of the corner of my eye,” he said.

    The 38-second video shows a desert back road through the windshield as the car drives through the night. It is at the 5-second mark that a dark-shaped humanoid figure with white bright eyes and long arms flashes the officer.

    “I was alone. There is also some strange light and humming sound around the 18-second mark,” he explains. “It was a bright rotating light laminating around my area, and then it disappears in a flash. All humming sound ceases and this prompted me to review the video.”

    The officer adds that he was left with a “strange and eerie feeling” after “the event”. He doesn’t believe it was a bear because, he says, “there are no bears in the desert terrain in southern New Mexico”.

    “I was armed to the teeth, but believe me, I had no desire to walk in the dark desolate mountain terrain to figure out what this thing was.”

    The initial contact with the officer consisted of an email asking Cryptozoology News for an opinion on the video and didn’t request to be published. It was later, during the gathering of background information regarding the footage, that a decision was made to make the video available to the public.

    The Mothman, a ghostly winged humanoid, was reportedly first seen on November, 12, 1966 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The original report stated that five men were digging a grave at the local cemetery when they spotted the cryptid. Three days later, two different couples reported seeing a “flying human” with red-glowing eyes chasing their vehicles.

    According to cryptozoological literature, the creature is believed to be able to predict upcoming events that have the potential to impact human life. The Mothman Prophecies, written by parapsychologist author John Keel in 1975, painstakingly describes the events that lead to the collapse of the Silver Bridge. The story was later brought to the big screen by director Mark Pellington and starring Richard Gere on a film with the book’s name.

    In March 2015, a group of Peruvian men captured on video the images of an unidentified flying being they referred to as a “humanoid”.

    In 2008, TV show Primer Impacted broadcasted the video of what some had called a “flying witch”, causing panic among the residents of Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

    In 2014, two Argentinian technicians claimed to have seen a humanoid hovering over the beaches of Necochea in two separate incidents.

    In 2016, a man from Illinois reported seeing a flying humanoid.

    In early 2017, a resident of Tucson, Arizona released a photograph some believed contained the infamous Mothman. Others argued that it was a palm tree.

    A month later, a Pennsylvania construction worker submitted a picture of what he said “had the exact marks of” the Jersey Devil.

    Located in Hidalgo County, the city of Lordsburgh has a population of 3,000 and is home to the official New Mexico state song O Fair New Mexico.

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