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Today (July 12) the Internet makes its stand! Click here to protect net neutrality!

Discussion in 'General Discussion / Off Topic' started by Num7, Jul 12, 2017.

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    Dec 15, 2005
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    The FCC is about to slash net neutrality protections that prevent Internet Service Providers (like Comcast and Verizon) from censoring, blocking, and throttling websites and apps they don't approve of, or charging us extra fees to access data because of its content.

    This affects every redditor and every Internet user. And we still have a few days left to stop it.

    Click here to protect net neutrality!

    We depend on Net Neutrality to keep the Internet the free and open marketplace of ideas.

    Ending Net Neutrality may lead to:
    • Tiered internet structure which can make Internet very expensive for web users. Users who consume lots of data (Netflix, Youtube, video games, etc.) are especially at risk for massive price spikes.

    • Monopolies. ISPs could also decide to create their own websites to compete with any existing website like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, then put their competition in a more expensive internet package, pricing them out of the market, causing them to shrivel up and be replaced by your ISP brand version of [insert site].

    • Stifled innovation. Even if the ISP aren't trying to directly compete, tiered internet can stifle innovative new upstart websites who can't afford to pay the ISP the premium to be included in an affordable tier of Internet. This will severely limit their visibility and ability to gain traction.

    • Censorship. ISPs can censor anything that they disagree with for any reason. Like this very post! And boy they have tried! Ending net neutrality will make their censorship process instantaneous and without recourse.

    • Political oppression. Government may be able to have content taken down (or more stealthily priced out of the market) for political reasons indirectly, using the ISP's own 'free will' as a proxy. Meaning it gets to completely subvert the First Amendment free speech protection. The ubiquity of crony capitalism, the situation that has long existed where there is a close relationship between business (lobbyists) and government makes this a very real possibility without network neutrality to protect us.
    These are only some of the foreseeable reasons we should fight for net neutrality.

    YouTuber TotalBiscuit explains the situation

    If you are not in the US you can help by spreading this info and raising awareness, especially among your US friends.

    Taken from Reddit:
    Today (July 12) the Internet makes its stand! Click here to protect net neutrality! • r/woahdude
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    Netflix has been bribing ISP - internet Service Providers for years. Also, many cable companies throttle Netflix and give you blocky low res crap. Expect to see Netflix get bought up. They use to have a lot of great documentaries eons ago. Well, those are gone. Netflix Originals are the new wave. Still, most of the good movies are no more. I hate my ISP and Netflix as there is a cap now.