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Watch - tool or gem?

Discussion in 'Alternate Histories and Timelines' started by HDRKID, Jul 8, 2017.


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    Jun 17, 2004
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    OK, on our timeline, a watch is a tool to tell time and that is its primary purpose. However, on other timelines, a watch is a gem. It is more of a decoration than a functional time piece.

    Witness, the million dollar watch and how telling time is not its primary purpose.

    This $1.28 million watch is made of transparent sapphire


    I have also seen timelines when a car is seen as a gem. They are encrusted with jewels and look like Faberge eggs. It is a rolling work of art, and transportation is not its primary purpose. Funny, how our timeline focuses on getting the job done and not on creating works of art or shiny pretty objects for consumers.
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