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  • If you are time traveler, can you help me to send message to the past of me before 2014? Just for my health and you can save my life if you can help me.

    Please send email to 409244398@qq.com, written like that:

    Message: Blueyu, you will suffer acid reflux disease in 2015 after your son's birthday. You should quit sugar, and not too full for each meal (check GERD in google). When you have acid reflux to your mouth, you are in danger. Take a medicine called Lansoprazole for 2 weeks. I ask a time traveler helping me to send this email to you. I am at 2016 and my chest and back is in pain and cannot work at 2016.
    Can you help me to send a message to the past of me?

    Not for money, just save my life.
    You probably won't ever reap the benefits from sending that information to your past self. Specifically you would be sending it to an alternate you, that happens to reside in their 2014. They may or may not follow the information either, as they would not know that you turned to time travel to pass the info the themselves.
    I was reading your posts and I have to say that you look like a real TT. Are you still here in 2014? If so, can you tell me some names of blockbuster movies in your time and names of older famous actor in your time. I think if in your time they're old it means that they're already here in 2014?
    I have attempted to build a time machine useing two vacume chambers full of electrons with an elecro magnetic field on both , im thinking that it may require a super conductor ,,,,Any ideas ? I only want to use this device for personal reasons , I dont want to do anything world changing . Its my mission to go back far enough to talk to my younger self
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