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    Does déjà vu have any connection with time travel? (TTI Mirror)

    In my opinion, deja vu is like a glitch. I think that after your 'life' is over your 'spirit' gets to review your last lifetime - similar to watching it on VHS as you skip back and forth to key moments the stop/start points get glitchy. I've always viewed a deja vu moment as either the...
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    Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

    I know the stories we are told and the conventional wisdom but your reply doesn't answer my query. I realise it might be nothing but wondered if anyone has tried to amalgamate the three in some shape or form.
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    The Great Sayings by the Famous and not so Famous.

    If I'm nature's answer, what the hell was the question?
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    The Accursed Treasures of the Oak Island Money Pit

    What strikes me and they never seem to explore the possibility is that in all likelihood there is a well hidden 'back door' entrance. Whoever built it wanted people to fixate on digging rather than exploring the tunneling. I also don't understand why they haven't followed up the theory of...
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    Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

    I guess people have wondered about why these gifts were given since they heard the tale of the Nativity My question is what happens if you mix the 3 ingredients. Does the bible mention specific amounts of each in the story. Unusually it seems that no-one has yet tried to do this, or at least...
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    Population explosion

    Official delegations were sent to key heads of state in the last century. The Chinese chose to limit its people to just one child each, the Europeans chose War this proved to be very unpopular and unethical so a new strategy was drawn up whereby all borders were opened up and people were able to...
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    Things I believe to be true

    Must admit, I thought there would have been more interest/discussion inthe last couple of topics but I'll put it down to Christmas and people getting involved in family time. The Universe For me I find it hard to comprehend the sheer scale of it all and just how insignificant and tiny we...
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    Population explosion

    What if.... At some point in the future mankind is forced into taking action to cull the numbers to a more manageable level for sustaining the planet. They believe the past is set and can't be altered so they decide to send large groups to specific points in time after sending people back...
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    "Talking With the Planets" by Nikola Tesla Imagine the past we could have had if we had paid more attention to this man.
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    Time travel conflicts

    At the moment I would say it is an inexact science, mostly theoretical. Chances are their will be more than one 'correct' answer.
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    Time travel conflicts

    I would say you are being a little 'narrow minded' in your thought process. I don't mean that to sound rude just suggesting that you need to look at things from different perspectives. Firstly, you talk about not being able to travel in time prior to a machine being invented. What if no machine...
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    Landing on the moon a hoax? Wires pulling astronaut up!

    I would suggest that several still shots and videos were staged prior to departure but the vast majority are genuine. Given the substantial cost at the time and the 'space race' it was vital to the US to be able to have something/anything to show should anything be untoward on the mission.
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    Things I believe to be true

    Religion A thorny subject if ever there was one but for me religion was originally intended to keep the masses in line and give them a set of morals, laws and rules to live by. The problem is that as history is written by the victors the origins and original messages have been corrupted vastly...
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    IF, Time exists all at the same moment ie past, present and future all exist and are preset. Is it possible to send 'physical' or 'digital' messages from the future into the past or is it only possible to send confused, mixed up metaphors via lucid dreaming/astral projection/OBE. My own...
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    5 REAL Time Travelers - Top 5 REAL Time Travelers

    Al Bielek Debunked: Full Story There may be some truth in what Bielek said but it would seem there was a fair bit of embellishment and fantasy too.