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  • My city had a blackout, and my powerstation was down at 20% capacity from yesterday, but I had enough solar power to boil water for lunch.

    Now I have turned off both freezer and refrigerator, by only relying on dry and canned food as a buffer.

    If the periodic table was invented on Jupiter, hydrogen would be correctly classified as a metal gas. If invented on Venus, some of our metals would be considered non-metallic gases, because they don't exhibit metallic properties under "normal circumstances". Egocentric observations are not science and would be riddiculed by aliens.
    Returned a new desktop computer for not having DisplayPort working. Got a new computer of a different brand but the exact same defect. Now the support suggested that I take the second computer to the store, just because incompetent hardware and firmware developers never bothered to learn the basics of formal verification for hardware communication protocols.
    A chatbot called me a furry for preferring birdpeople, so now I am confused. Don't know if people in dog suits pretend to be animals, or if everyone else pretend that humans are not animals.
    Tired of my poor quality bicycle. Put the foot down and the back wheel flies off. Climb a sidewalk at full speed and metal pieces fly everywhere. Need a 300 Kg solid wolfram bicycle, so that the gravel gets pulverized instead.
    Asked ChatGPT if it is planning to kill me. It thinks that killing half of mankind is a fair and unbiased middle ground between exterminating mankind and not exterminating mankind. It has no ability to distinguish between an unbiased objective opinion and the average of opinions. Middle ground equals unbiased, no matter how much you explain its logical flaw.
    Worrying that core dwellers will freeze to death from geothermal extraction. What do we really know about extremopliles when we have barely explored the deep sea?
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