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  • Cmac what's going on buddy, where you been hiding. I'm soon getting another hdr. Probably summer time. Last one had bad reactions. I stomped on it and smashed it. I made that one. No one knew about it. I threw it the trash. I did see one event but please do pm me again.
    hello Cmac what is my future hold? this is Jacin Young i try to write email to you but don't work on private email so write back
    I wanted to ask: did you really go to different time events when you used your machines? I'm curious because I've been meaning to do so also.
    Can you tell me who this man is and if I will be meeting Chris and he will be filming a screenplay of mine? I have more to say, but I will go really slowly on this It's too bizarre for me to even imagine, but Jarrod says everything he has told me concerning Chris Evans will come to pass.
    It was Chris. But a psychic had told me that I would be meeting a man. I was hoping I could get a glimpse of him. I haven't had anymore dreams since then except for one, but it wasn't exactly prophetic.
    Did I tell you about my dream I had I think about two years ago that centered around Chris Evans. I didn't know who he was then> I had to do an internet search to find out who the person in my dream was back then.
    I've been making sure I'd be on this tonight. So you are the reason I made certain I would be on. Jarrod told me a long time ago, I would meet Chris Evans. I don't know how but he said I would. He also told me I would be writing my script and he would be wanting it and filming it! There is more but I won't get into that right now.
    Jarrod told me who it would be who would get hurt. Would you like to know privately or not? And always remember this is not set in stone so I can't say it is definitely going to happen yet.
    I tried to send you a private message about something important, but it won't seem to let me, and your e-mail address listed below rejects messages, so start a conversation with me when you see this.
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