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    The Beast Revelation

    I believe there is truth in Revelation, probably more so than in some parts of the New Testament. But I don't necessarily believe anyone's interpretation of anything. I don't discount it either. We'll see what happens. The number 666 is significant in other ways as well. Trevor Ravenscroft wrote...
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    Is everyone psychic?

    I believe our 'higher' selves can sometimes reveal things to us through synchronicity and intuition. It is different than direct knowing.
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    Perhaps. The one thing that seems certain to me is faster than light energies moving things...

    Perhaps. The one thing that seems certain to me is faster than light energies moving things along in 'time travel'.
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    The Legendary Emerald Tablet

    To paraphrase POGO, an infamous old cartoon character, "We've met the aliens(enemy) and the aliens(enemy) is US".
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    Media Does Time Really Exist?

    We are consciousnesses flowing through a spiral Time Stream, which gives us the impression of passing time, but that is an abstract. It doesn't exist concretely. The Time Stream itself does exist concretely, from beginning to end, Right Now. In reality, you only have NOW. That Now includes all...
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    Ken Gramwood may have been a time traveler (spoilers alert)

    RobertRiplie, Your experiences and reality are so strange that others may have difficulties with it. That's what I've experienced myself on this and other sites, causing me to strictly limit my posts. I may have to check out that book, REPLAY. It brings up a subject which concerns me and may be...
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    The Dulce Base

    Many years ago I drove to San Antonio and visited the Alamo, trying to stimulate my memory from a previous lifetime. That didn't work. Then I stopped in New Orleans for Madi Gra. That was totally weird. A lot of those people could have been aliens, even if I wasn't. I left there and picked up a...
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    CIA Spy: Alien Contact To Be Announced By Obama; Secret Deal With Putin/China Over Dollar Collapse

    Sandy, you seem to track with a lot of the same stuff I do. You might want to take a look at what Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock and others were saying about a recent solar system lockdown, by a fleet from the Galactic Federation, False Flag operations and the ultimatum that was put to the...
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    Time Machines?

    Thank you, backto 1992. I feel you have good ideas about time travel. You mention 4th-Dimension. I wonder if the Dimensions from 3rd on up are the different levels of spiral energy; atomic, electromagnetic, scalar, etc. I don't believe I've yet seen a good definition of Dimensions beyond the 3rd.
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    Debate Was Nikola Tesla's Death a Conspiracy?

    PaulaJedi, yes I did hear or read something about that years ago, but it is vague in my memory now. Preston Nichols or Al Bielek may have talked about it. I may have read about it in one of the books by Sky Books. And it may have been hinted or suggested by perhaps a different source, that...
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    Paranormal Report: Black Eyed Children Stories

    From the descriptions, it sounds like fear from people's own subconscious minds is rising up to affect them this way, not the intentional actions of BEKs, but why? They wouldn't deliberately scare people, if they wanted to be let in, would they? The other thing is I don't believe hypnotism is a...
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    Reality Glitches

    Now I've found two other people with 'reality glitches'. That's great. I believe it ties in with the idea of parallel universes, alternate time lines and 'time slips'. I've written about 'time slips', elsewhere on Paranormalis. I suggest you check out Marko on this site and what he writes about...
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    Reality Glitches

    Sandy, I wanted to give other people a chance to respond. But maybe no one else is interested. I suppose something like that could happen, if YOU woke up in an alternate time line. But then that would be a different version of River Phoenix, wouldn't it? I share your fascination with this...