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  1. ElementalDissonance

    Fallen Angel in London

    You should give him an FUI.
  2. ElementalDissonance

    How to Stay Lucid

    And hey! I've never heard anyone else describe the hypnogogic geometric patterns before, but that's exactly what happened to me during WILD (wake induced lucid dreaming) sessions! That's awesome, I thought I was alone...
  3. ElementalDissonance

    How to Stay Lucid

    Yeah, but my question is... Is he still sleeping?
  4. ElementalDissonance

    Ask a Time Traveler anything.

    I get the feeling that for the last few pages, people haven't been bothering to go back and read the answers to the questions they want to ask...
  5. ElementalDissonance

    11:11 phenomenon

    Then why don't you talk more often about naked ladies? *sigh* Do I have to think of everything? ;b
  6. ElementalDissonance

    Forum Game Dumb Joke Of The Day

    Okay, I just got it... after the 3rd time I pondered over its meaning in quiet meditation. I think my problem was that I couldn't figure out how to pronounce it.