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    mmm yeah ive seen some of your posts/replies so i was looking into the MEG. didnt dive so deep yet but i somewhat get the concept- input 1 output 2 via the switching of magnetic field or somethin idk im layman as hell but ive been reading a bunch of theory theres one that utilizes Magnetic...
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    Time Travellers Brew (Henry's coffee restorative)

    what exactly would this brew do for the most part, or is it mainly beneficial/directed towards travelers for the side effects only? i was expecting a panacea of some sorts.
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    Has anyone here actually built their own "free energy" device..? (overunity/self perpetuating) there seems to be many blueprints/guides etc. but I have yet to speak to someone who personally has managed to make one.
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    Free Electricity With Ignition Coil

    apparently he knew how to generate "cold energy", which doesn't harm human beings. perhaps a more physical manifestation of what syntropic vs entropic energy would be as far as ether physics go- but that cold energy was also healing and was able to control room temperatures as well.
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    Free Electricity With Ignition Coil

    Stupid question, but Does the voltage collected from the EM fields exceed the amount needed to power the Tesla Coil itself?
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    Time travel implies free energy

    the Universe is an open system things to consider would be the ether. i dont have much of a background in time travel but the way you wrote that made it sound as if you have a time travel machine ahha. unless youre just conceptualizing if one were to have one. but i believe free energy in itself...
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    Free Energy - From Suppression To Manifestation?

    Perhaps this is a way to somewhat discourage the pursuit of free energy as well, idk. free energy has been achieved and the knowledge is out there. im learning everyday
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    Free Energy - From Suppression To Manifestation?

    Yeah see thats what i often worry about too. thus why i highlighted the NWO themed ideology right there and then, and have my suspicions of him still being one of them in some way. Kind of a piloting plant in the consciousness community. But you let me know what you think of him. Check out all...
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    Free Energy Generator

    The first link is down. also i cant see the image you posted. this is interesting thank you for this. Are you willing to try build this eventually though? or have you built any other type of free energy device?
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    Free Energy - From Suppression To Manifestation?

    Well, he claimed he was a former* satanist, in his panel on Natural Law. I have my suspicions and only brought that up because i skipped the free energy video to the part where he mentions "Universal Enlightenment" in order for humanity to manifest, which sounds hella NWO/new age in itself. like...
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    Should they add a Free Energy Section?

    Do you have the youtubers or know where we can find the information on how to do it?
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    Free Energy - From Suppression To Manifestation?

    Love Mark Passio. this is interesting yet also aligns with certain Luciferic stuff.. Universal enlightenment, paradigm shifts i feel like it screams NWO or purge majority of humanity hahah he did after all admit he was a satanist but i guess thats always the comedown split between prophecy fear...
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    Debate New Free Energy

    i think i remember running into some of his work. this was with the leaves and stuff in a bottle or something right and metal plates etc yeah i never was able to find anything entirely concrete and the website seemed sussy baka boomer asf but i wont put it past me the youtube video is down so...
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    Crystal Batteries and their Usage

    this has been a concept crossing my mind. I find it very plausible I dont know the in depths and would need to read the entire rex research but i get scalar downloads/visions of ancient tech and many resembling that of pylons in starcraft or HALO kind of tech. Can also consider things like...
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    Radiant Energy Collection

    I have pdfs. im layman and ive had 0 electrical engineering experience. Looking forward to experimenting soon. For now, im still dabbling in a lot of theory. I believe some of my pdfs have practical blue prints- Don Smith stuff, "A Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices" and the In Depth...