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  • please be very mindfull of the words you use in any and all postings you make on the web. tomorrow you will be jailed for your words you typed today.
    I just wish people could be nice to each other. Then maybe people wouldn't say things they don't mean or get frustrated at the long term unkindness. I've learned my lesson. Completely. Just walk away.

    Kairos is on ignore now.
    meanwhile at furnace creek visitor center death valley nat. park it's 113 deg. at 6 pm PDT. WSW wind 4-6 mph.
    Too hard for a mile plus 7.62mm shot.
    when up is down, and forward is backwards, then sideways is straight ahead. yes we have no bananna's
    for the last few yrs I have been mostly a lurker on the web. I have always considered this mixed bag of nuts my extended family aren't you lucky.. while we may bitch and squabble from time to time I dearly love the interactions. it's kinda like the school playground at recess ...
    after a good look around at the general public,, it is confirmed this site contains the last best hope for mankind. folks we are all that is left of the human race that can actually think, and reason out a logical answer to the foolishness
    mean while at 3 pm PDT it's 116 deg. in death valley nat. park with a heat index of 108 deg. that's F. not C. with a south wind at 5 mph. damn that's hot
    ok it's all your fault all of you,, you ruined my ability to tolerate idiots, thank you very much
    just be your self they said
    me: oh hell yes it's on like donkey kong
    they scream no, no no not that self you must not let him out to play
    you are only free to say what I want to hear. ha ha ha I love to play the asshole game
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