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    John Titor 2 book

    I read it. It was well written. Not sure if it's true but it sure would make a great sci-fi movie.
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    Kay Titor 177 Tempus Edax Rerum

    Thanks for sharing Pam.
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    John Titor could be right.

    I'd like to read your explanation. Where is the gas can?
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    missing time

    I hope you're ok HDRKID. Check your health.
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    Reality Glitches

    Looks like a transformer blew.
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    Reality Glitches

    Record it on your phone.
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    Name Our Time Line

    Me too Professor. And, thank you.
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    Name Our Time Line

    Hi Professor. Do you remember that childhood game that was played where a sentence was whispered into the ear of a child? That child's mission was to whisper what he heard into the ear of another child. Child after child the whispers went ear to ear only heard by one child. By the end of the...
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    I knew John Titor. (Adult john, online)

    Thats an interesting story RobertRipile. Thank you for sharing.
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    Name Our Time Line

    OK. If our timeline is the time line that all timelines will be named, that leads me to think that our time line could be called: Narcissism
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    I'm a Time Traveler

    I'm sorry Jasper.
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    I'm a Time Traveler

    How come 1988?
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    I'm a Time Traveler

    Does this mean good bye or are you able to come back here? If you do come back here, will you be able to arrive back to this forum a second, a week, a month or years from your last post here at Paranormalis? Either way, be safe.
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    Name Our Time Line

    Thanks. I just didn't know how to put it on here correctly. I was thinking someone would fix it