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    a little thought.

    i think we are alway on the path" fall from the greed of power". our society stresses the fact that we must always one up eachother. So with one soul or one mine, that will be a gamble.
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    Traveling to other dimensions in dreams?

    Sounds like you are allowing your imagination to run wild. Gather your thoughts and demand it take you where you want to go. Do not fall victim to your dreams and thoughts because there seems to be bad energy around and they do play a part in your subconsciousness. Next time focus on a higher...
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    Do you mean the three keys to find the easter egg.
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    great video. I just hope whoever is controlling my character gives me a huge level upgrade.
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    Atlantean Crystals

    how will I know which crystal help bring the best out of me. like do I have hidden powers that or help me amplify a different level of consciousness?
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    Since we are all given free will and a curiosity demeanor, I think there is a possibility that we are living in a video game, in a video game, in a video game.... not sure who is the ultimately creator and we may very well never know but I do hope in time we will identify our true creator.
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    The Book Of Enoch

    Another truly fascinating book. I enjoy the Gospel of Thomas also.
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    Mythology, consciousness and time travel

    I thought Zeus was always the top dog. Your question made me think about Father Time. Maybe God and Time can be the same or at each others disposable. Consider the follow, God uses Time to hold us back from reaching the "awoken" stage and fine peace (death)? Time is a stage where God allows us...
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    Are Beings From Inside The Earth Aliens?

    Im not too far from Mt. Shasta and stories have been written about that mountain being a entrance where "Alien" lives in lack of better term. I been meaning to make a trip and go exploring and find inner self confident. it will be a good reset.
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    Past ,present ,future

    how do you feel about astral projection?
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    Monsters in CA

    very informative.
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    Confirmed Hoax re: John.Smart2050

    PMed you John. I would love to hear what you have to say.
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    Fan Fiction Maxwell Hammer

    your missing here is.....?