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    I have only recently been exposed to offset spatial divergence, from a man named timothy from 2033, timeline E661,
    I am going to be leaving for 1967 to see a jimi hendrix gig shortly
    anyway this is my timeline, and i can help you contact me on
    You appear to like the ladies on here, you even wanted Paulajedi to send you a pm lol :)..jk...When you get to 1967 can you show us a selfie of yourself next to Jimi Hendrix please?
    Likes: adder
    haha just keen to see her c204
    I wont be meeting jimi
    although that would be amazing
    plus I wouldn't be pulling out my iphone in front of anyone in the 60`s
    but i can show you pics of the concert
    ill PM you
    What iam asking you is for proof of travelling back in time, so at least you can provide some evidence that you have been there...Jimi wouldnt mind you taking a video selfie of you and him, you could tell him your from the future when you show him what your iphone can do...but dont tell him when he`s going to die, just say he`s still alive and a nice old man lol
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