Night Templar
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  • God, it is too late to be creative but I promise to read what is if my vision would get clear Yawn
    Returned? I never left but then when ones gets into trouble the old "who let him in"sign goes up everyone denies any and all knowledge.
    Welcome fellow Crusader. The sound that pin hitting a marble counter top fades only from our perspective. Time is the keeper of all records of the past present as well as the future events. We have been gifted with experiencing linear time, but it only an illusion.
    John Titor has been allowed to depart from this carousel and return at other points in time/space. Enjoy, for it is all about the ride!
    That is something you have to deal with. I have to deal with not having any coffee yet. I am not very understanding of anything till I do.
    You think you have problems? I have to be at 3 places, literally at the same time, and have not had one cup of coffee yet this damn morning.
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