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    Blog What Really Matters

    Even if I thought I knew 50%, half of everything there is to know about the paranormal, there is probably another 90% or more of things out there that I don't even know that I don't know about. you know?
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    Blog What Really Matters

    I agree with you. I am always trying to learn more about the paranormal. It is important to listen. I like Genesis and Mike Rutherford.
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    Blog What Really Matters

    "What really matters is everything you learn after you know it all".
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    In the early days of ghostology, everything was combined; ghost hunting, spiritualism and parapsychology. In England in the mid 1800s, the first paranomal organizations; The Ghost Club and the Society for Psychical Research, engaged in seances and also investigated psychic phenomena. Later...
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    Blog I'm not afraid

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    Any other good Paranormal message boards or forums?

    I don't like facebook or reddit. Facebook sends you too much spam and I was not able to post anything on reddit becasue I was too new. Paranormalis is a good place for discussion posts about the paranormal. Thanks for the info.
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    Any other good Paranormal message boards or forums? is a good one for cryptics, Bigfoot and others. I like, which has ghost stories from every state around the country. There are also some databases of reports for UFOs and Bigfoot, like . MUFON has a database, but you have to be a member and...
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    Blog Hamlet

    "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, then are drempt of in your philosophy". William Shakespeare.
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    How is your search for alien contact going? Did you get a radio?

    How is your search for alien contact going? Did you get a radio?
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    Bigfoot foot print found in Missouri?

    In the Ozarks in Missouri there is the Blue Man, a Bigfoot type creature. They are not blue in color. The name comes from a man from the north, a Yankee who first reported seeing the cryptic there.
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    Blog Shyness: A blessing or a curse?

    I am shy too. It has been a curse for me. I have difficulty connecting with people. Thats why I like the paranormal. It goes beyond our normal everyday lives.
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    Blog Bump in the night

    Thats the one.
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    Blog Bump in the night

    I'm into "things that go bump in the night". The expression is from a traditional Scottish prayer.
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    Paranology 101 is like basic training for ghost hunting. There were a few places on the Interweb that were doing this. They are paranormal organizations that had people come out and participate in investigations, demonstrating ghost hunting techniques and learning a little about the equipment...
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    Very good, your right. Ghostology is the study and research of spiritual paranormal phenomena. Ghost hunters are field investigators that search for evidence of para-spiritual activity. I read somewhere that some ghostologists don't like to be called ghost hunters. But they can be one in the...