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    ‘As wide as my momma’s dodge!’ Florida Driver Spots Bigfoot on Highway

    Most researchers agree that the 2 photos sent to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Department in 2000 are hoaxed..The FL Skunk Ape is often associated with hoaxes, but I think it's possible these Bigfoot creatures call Florida home.
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    Two Bigfoot Creatures Attempt to Hijack Truck in Mexico

    I have never heard of any credible Bigfoot reports coming out of Mexico, the climate is not ideal..with just a tiny handful of reports it's unlikely that the country has a Bigfoot population. You would have more reports, a history of sightings.
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    New to the site

    Haha that's what everyone says to me lol I love it.
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    ‘Unknown Animals’ Captured on Video in Florida

    Its not a good clip and I know Stacy Brown personally, he's not saying the footage it anything special it was taken back in March they're just curious as to what it is. Nobody is saying that video is of an unknown primate. He HAS caught a Bigfoot on thermal before I posted the video above.
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    ‘Unknown Animals’ Captured on Video in Florida

    I know Stacy Brown he's no hoaxer.
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    "Philadephia Experiment" Said to be real pictures not Photo Shop

    I wasn't aware of a Film- I'm sure it's not worth watching. Do you recommend any good books on the topic? I've read a couple years ago always looking for more
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    "Philadephia Experiment" Said to be real pictures not Photo Shop

    The Immediate results were definitely horrifying with crewmembers apparently being fused into bulkheads some apparently materializing inside out. There are also accounts of the Philadelphia Experiment crew having problems for the rest of their lives-randomly appearing and disappearing out of time
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    Fight the Future.

    Fight the Future.
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    ‘Unknown Animals’ Captured on Video in Florida

    Stacy Brown is a great investigator he was the winner of 'Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty' he's famous for his thermal FLIR footage of an alleged Bigfoot. Myself and other researchers believe the footage is 100% genuine.
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    Transfer my soul inside my young past body

    I'm so sorry u feel that way Iris..I can def relate on some level I think most of us can-if u ever find a way please let me know. Good luck.
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    Ghost Box

    A Ghost box/spirit box, also known as 'Frank's Box' is a device used for contacting spirits through the use of radio frequency
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    Ghost Box

    As an investigator I use a P-SB7 spirit box frequently, I've gotten some great communication and its a device I recommend to others-it's basically like using a digital voice recorder--I think a Ouiji board is something else entirely, it has the ability to open up a communication that can't be...
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    ‘Gnome Bigfoot’ Filmed in Tennessee

    All I said is it *could be a juvenile Bigfoot. There's no way to know for sure. once u accept that their real it opens up the possibility
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    ‘Gnome Bigfoot’ Filmed in Tennessee

    Yeah it's not like Florida-which due to hurricanes maybe hundreds of zoo chimps have escaped Tennessee is a different story.