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  • i'll be back , when classicalfan262 is no longer a mod, if a different mod, posts here , that the dictator is no longer a mod, then i Might be back someday. But only when the dictator classic is gone. i gotta go. got me quite depressed. i dont know when next i'll check back to check that though, might be a very long time. if at all. peace.
    I hope you get to read my message. Take care man.
    thanks Timeflipper, for sayin to stay, but if someone like that mods, that's like staying at a fort where the security shoots a man , just because they spoke a truth .... it's nothing personal against anyone. one weak link in a team, can cause a group to fall apart. it's like having a dictator for a leader. no thank you. but i do wish everyone else , peace and luck. :)
    classicalfan262 sent me a private message of course. didn't want everyone to see how they are acting i guess? either way, i'm gone. a mod that acts like that? no thanks. and i don't see a way to delete my account so i guess i'll keep it as is, but i won't be back. nothing against anyone here, i just been through enough in life, i won't stay where a child is a mod. peace. sorry if that is "insulting".
    that is correct, Timeflipper, it was classicalfan262 , all because i liked a post where freakshow points out that he was being picked on when another caused the discussion to go off topic. i got a feeling the mod is allowing their own personal quests to get in their way, thats just my opinion. anyhow i'm outa here. good luck all.
    i leave this forum for the last time, (thanks to classicalfan262), with a song, thats called this , on youtube "M83 - Oblivion (feat. Susanne Sundfør)" . i might delete my account i don't know. but i do know i won't be back. i refuse to speak where a mod, pushes their weight around in a private message.
    and unlike others, i won't return as someone else . for a mod, to send me a messsage saying they are insulted cause i liked a comment that pointed out that someone else was pushing the discussion another way, ... its pathetic. and immature. and pushing mod weight around, abusing power. bye bye bye. and for the good folks that are here, sorry i won't be around anymore, i'm too old and tired for crap.
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