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  • whatever happens in the world, don't give up on each other, and don't give up on Peace. You are Not Alone, Ever. Peace.
    I totally agree with you, but the important thing is to know how to obtain peace ;)
    if the world goes to war with russia, the world will Never be the same again. Don't do it ! People, let Peace rule your Hearts. I hope all humans everywhere, no matter what, holds Peace in their Hearts, Now. Peace is Always Possible. Never EVER give up , EVER. Peace. :)
    Notice this got ramped up after the NK threats seemed to subside.
    lol in reply to you, TimeFlipper, i don't have any intent on being a "Wordsmith" , lol, Dysthymia is a word found easily on the internet, and it is a word the Doctor used when I was diagnosed with it. Thank you though, makes me feel smarter than i actually am lol . peace :)
    definitely the last thing i'm gonna say for the moment, is i hope someone creates a movie on titor , i would totally go see it at the movies. totally. alrighty "ladies and gentlemen, peaceseeker has left the building" (elvis exit music plays ) . lol peace , peace to you all.
    also, i totally love that steins gate show, not big on the game, yet the show, oh my god, lol, even the good lord, Jesus Christ , would find that show interesting lol (just making a joke lol , don't take that serious :) ) a friend showed me both . The show has great heart, great story, total awesome. :) thats all, ok. peace.
    well i still have got no answers about this titor mystery. i see alot of good wonderful peaceful great Souls here, trying also , as i am, to figure out this mystery, it's too bad there are so many others though that pretend to be John,, it does make finding the answers to this mystery, that much more difficult . ... anyhow , dealing with Dysthymia, makes it twice as hard to do any research...
    for example, countries that are having problems with each other, the leaders of those countries , should sit face to face with each other, and not for only a minute. if leaders of countries, that argued, met face to face , Often, then surely the interaction of such peaceful communication, would effect the world in a more positive way , would it not? just a thought to anyone that sees this :)
    i absolutely Love all ya great folks, who can talk about such topics as time travel and john titor and such, without getting totally mentally mad at each other. i think that the key to a better future for all of mankind, is Peaceful Communication. As many no doubt agree.
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