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  • Thanks for sayin what ya did, TimeFlipper :) but i'm divorced right now. my ex-wife was the only person i allowed myself to get very close to so far, and that was because when she met me, she wouldn't take no for an answer lol . but there i go again, sayin more than intended as always lol . thanks though for what ya said. peace :)
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    I was not making a direct comment about your ex-wife...Perhaps there IS a special person out there that you might not be aware of yet :)
    the song i wish the world would listen to more often , is something i feel strongly about the people , on this earth, Here right now. this song : Amanda Marshall - Believe In You . not trying to be mr perfect lol , i'm just sayin what my gut says and wants to say . stay cool all. the world can change, the future, is now. peace all. :)
    cause i have an interest in the titor topic, i just gotta say again, i see no connection still, between whoever posted the original posts, and Everything that happened afterwards. Why would people take credit? why not, people lie all the time, no matter who they are. but this is just my opinion, and nothing else. but it doesn't matter, what matters is if the world heads towards peace. opinion only.
    i might pop in , now and then, but i can't guarantee it, cause i'm literally facing being homeless again , so , i'm really, not sure when i'll be around. but peace all. stay cool, and try and keep things peaceful always eh, ok? ok :)
    hey all, i don't want anyone to worry about me, but i did want to say, i and the person i'm looking after , will be evicted soon, so unless i get good luck soon, i'll be homeless , yet again, soon. Don't worry, i'll survive, i always do. but , i'll be back. i thought i'd let ya all know why i may dissappear for a while right now. ok peace to you all.
    i look forward to the Time era where Peace and Technology is Great, then we won't always have to wonder, how to make money to survive lol . imagine how much will be done, when technology is used to lift the stress of survival , off of the People. What a Great Era this world is entering Now. Peace is brought by Technology, when used peacefully, and this causes growth of Human's , faster than any other. Peace.
    also remember, that which you wish to invent, is only limited to that which you believe. Take what You know, and adapt it to your imagination, That is how most great inventors, succeeded. .. then again i could be total wrong lol just sharing what my gut says again. Never give up on your dream invention or your dreams, forever . alrighty then, Peace All . :)
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