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  • see what Dysthymia does? lol I'm back lol. i had time to cool off, and i missed the forum actually. ya all have interesting minds, it can't be denied, you know it, i know it, cause we all different, yet the same. Anyhow, Thank You Mayhem, the message You sent me, helped me understand Classicfan262 better. So Thank You , and i'm back again lol.
    i'll be back , when classicalfan262 is no longer a mod, if a different mod, posts here , that the dictator is no longer a mod, then i Might be back someday. But only when the dictator classic is gone. i gotta go. got me quite depressed. i dont know when next i'll check back to check that though, might be a very long time. if at all. peace.
    I hope you get to read my message. Take care man.
    thanks Timeflipper, for sayin to stay, but if someone like that mods, that's like staying at a fort where the security shoots a man , just because they spoke a truth .... it's nothing personal against anyone. one weak link in a team, can cause a group to fall apart. it's like having a dictator for a leader. no thank you. but i do wish everyone else , peace and luck. :)
    classicalfan262 sent me a private message of course. didn't want everyone to see how they are acting i guess? either way, i'm gone. a mod that acts like that? no thanks. and i don't see a way to delete my account so i guess i'll keep it as is, but i won't be back. nothing against anyone here, i just been through enough in life, i won't stay where a child is a mod. peace. sorry if that is "insulting".
    that is correct, Timeflipper, it was classicalfan262 , all because i liked a post where freakshow points out that he was being picked on when another caused the discussion to go off topic. i got a feeling the mod is allowing their own personal quests to get in their way, thats just my opinion. anyhow i'm outa here. good luck all.
    i leave this forum for the last time, (thanks to classicalfan262), with a song, thats called this , on youtube "M83 - Oblivion (feat. Susanne Sundfør)" . i might delete my account i don't know. but i do know i won't be back. i refuse to speak where a mod, pushes their weight around in a private message.
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