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  • You mentioned before that you remember restoring cars when you were younger. There are some fine cars in that auto museum. I've been checking out the auto auctions in the area online now and then. There are some real deals if your a cash buyer. Are you still into old muscle?
    type 2012 APR 24 12:08 Tokyo Time 1975 SEP 24 12:08 Mercury Project
    I think the questions are relevant to John Titor. I'd like to see people comment on them.

    Well that first top ten list you commented on was not even a list of questions... it was a list of statements.. from john titor , his advice to people... that second set of ten sentences was questions.
    The time travel talk is fun. I wish I really was the John Titor some of you hoped I would be.
    I'm sorry but I don't see your future, Mr. Young. You'll probably be just fine.
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