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    Looking to prove the story, need some help/data

    Since about 2006 I've felt that all the political and doomsday things he predicted were disinformation to give shade to the overall story. The first thing I planned on doing is going through and finding all his non-political claims and looking g at them first. I made a short list with my...
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    Looking to prove the story, need some help/data

    That's fair, let me ask you this just incase I dont get any other skeptics to reply. In your opinion what would it take for you to take another hard look at it? My issue with the last video razimus did is I didnt see (and I could be wrong) any trials of random text analysis to find out what is...
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    Astral travel experimentation

    I've been astral travelling for over 10 years. The progression I was taught, and that has worked for 2 people I passed it on to was this. 1) Remembering bits of your dreams 2) Remembering every detail of the dreams 3) Drifting into "unconscious" projection that is nowhere near controllable 4)...
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    I believe John Titor would have hated Donald Trump!

    I have a theory and plan for this, but it's still being fleshed out. The first thing is non-human eyes need to sift through a lot of data. I made a thread if you want to reply to ir.
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    Can you travel to other dimensions in your dreams?

    Without going through all the replies sounds like an astral or OBE. Once you control it, things are a lot more fun
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    Atlantean Crystals

    Weird... You hit on a couple of things that I assumed I was one of the few people who had the info on. I have a hand written letter that touches on a lot of this that way given to someone close to me. Did you live in Texas in the early 90s? I know Who authored my letter
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    Looking to prove the story, need some help/data

    Hi all, I've been following this story since 2003, and have came back to it a few times. Recently I replayed Chrono Trigger and it flipped that switch that reminded me it had been a few years since I checked progress on his verifiable claims. What I want to do, is using python, run an...