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    China news !

    Drama off the Taliban is growing Haidyan district33 633 people watch Brief introduction to improve the ability to respond to climate change, close investments in Tali to create a "green network" and other networks along the line, stop Tali to promote dynamic capital transactions along with...
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    Hello Fake Time Travellers, I'm here, and I'm real

    i m from russia , я не враг , хотя ты прав это возможно
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    I'm walking with ghosts

    hi, human nature is at the heart of the herd, but you didn’t understand me correctly most likely there is no good, evil, but it is only a consequence of something better in people, something that cannot be obtained with animals ( are a large part of the population) it is friendship, love...
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    help with the name

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    help with the name

    dead hand project a Russian project according to which if Russia is captured, it will itself be destroyed and destroy all mntras with atomic nuclear missiles, what do you think the name of the time machine project is supposed to modify a possible war?
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    Interview Real Time Traveler -I know Everything about time travel.

    What is мертвая рука ( russian project war)
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    You have just Time Travelled. Whats next?

    belgorod russia
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    i finally figure it out, it was right there all along

    fly to me if you can create it ?
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    concept of time (mine)

    then how to prove there is a choice
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    concept of time (mine)

    in my concept, time is constantly divided into new copies, otherwise your decision is known in advance, and your thoughts are false, if my concept is correct, then time is divided depending on the actions of objects, objects so much that it is impossible to count, with this concept people can...
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    You have just Time Travelled. Whats next?

    одержимость россией , чел я живу там use google translate вся страна корумпирована , все , что может произойти разве что атомные бомбы взорвутся в россии
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    Attraction or Connection? [EXPERIENCE]

    well, i hear the heartbeat too
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    Questions for John Titor

    John teater, I heard a machine voice with a code, but did not understand anything, it was sent 3 times, what kind of code is it?, it appeared after I marked the timestamps, is this connected?
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    I didn’t understand that I was traveling

    I traveled in time, but because of that page I changed, then the speeches of people around changed, I thought that one day I had a dream and because of this I thought that there was nothing
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    Машинный невнятный голос ?

    I think it was a female voice, but it was squeezed, it was squeezed, no more, and to understand that I couldn’t do it, I wanted to sleep