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    Can we travel backward in time?

    Does belief in something make it real?
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    Men in Black Encounter?

    YOSHIAN12: Do you recall any accounts of encountering a UFO or possible alien sighting prior to the appearance of the men coming to your door? Even yrs before? They keep tabs.
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    Ok, this is getting stupid. Walmart stuck up a note saying they pulled all clown stuff from shelves due to "idiots". How does that stop or solve anything? What's there to ban? Can't somebody still paint their face on? Are we really at war w/CLOWNS now - taking the finger off all other...
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    My truck yesterday. I didn't have an orange flag to tie on. So we just smashed a clown.
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    Time Traveler Friends

    BORA: Contact you for details abt what? Is your post just to announce your interest in paranormal research? How do you feel it relates to time travel?
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    How Deal with Physical Affects of Time Travel?

    Mad Man Marcum claims to have had temporary amnesia from his physical method. Your heart is like an electric current & fires to beat. Even riding an elevator or being in water, I can feel changes in vibration. Even if all your atoms somehow converged & began working on "the other side"...
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    時間 : A Week Left

    Yes, I know, PARADOX. Modern form. Luckily I don't have ppl on social media who do that....but Confucius died before the internet lol.
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    時間 : A Week Left

    Eh... "I thought chain letters went obsolete in the 1970s when postage went up. The same yr ppl woke up & realized what turd bird souvenirs were made of". - Confucius
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    時間 : A Week Left

    Hmm... "Not every parable speaks wisdom. Some are just cryptic nonsense" - RHYS
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    UFO Personal Testimony

    We were already scheduled to move from where this happened. I was glad! Most of our furniture hadn't arrived, so we had only an inflatable mattress & lawn chair in our bedroom. A cool night, beginning of Oct, windows open, using attic fan. Corner rm, windows both sides. We were asleep. I...
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    UFO Personal Testimony

    * Just want to add I was only 24 when I saw the UFO & developed these weird health problems.
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    UFO Personal Testimony

    ITHEBLAZE: We divorced in 2011. We met in 2nd grade. Her whole childhood was dotted with strange occurrences. So was mine. She finally couldn't deal anymore & sought a "normal" life. Bc I still wanted to talk abt all the strange stuff sometimes for validation & reassurance, I guess. We...
  13. RHYS

    UFO Personal Testimony

    Thanks for reading. Yes, at the time I was just 2yrs out of the USAF. Had been stationed in Kuwait, honorably discharged w/a clean bill of health. Within 1 month of this experience, I started developing intense blisters that felt like little pebbles under my skin from head to toe. The...
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    Cat Lovers

    Man, that's awesome: cat surveillance. Now we might really catch them scheming on us.
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    UFO Personal Testimony

    DATE: August 1995 TIME: 2am PLACE: Missouri EVENT: UFO sighting # OF KNOWN WITNESSES: 2 DETAILS: Rural, small, isolated residential area. My dog got loose. After chasing him on foot, I returned home to grab my wife & proceeded the chase in my conversion van. He loved to run directly...