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    Time to hit the trail... It's been fun, and I wish I could stay longer, but it's time to move...

    Time to hit the trail... It's been fun, and I wish I could stay longer, but it's time to move on. You folks have been very welcoming, friendly, and [INSERT POSITIVE ADJECTIVE HERE]. Take care, all.
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    Some of my books.

    Your welcome. I bought the flash drive they offer. It has practically all of the material that is on the site. An entire library in the palm of your hand. Ain't technology grand?
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    Stilling the Mind_ POLL

    I think the best form of meditation (if it can be called meditation) is simply being aware of what you are doing while you are in the act of doing it. So many of our actions during the day seem to be "automatic", as if our thoughts are elsewhere while we do the routine tasks we do. Meditation...
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    Some of my books.

    Mayhem: You may be interested in the following site, if you haven't been there already. Internet Sacred Texts Archive
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    Have any of you actually had contact with an extraterrestrial?

    Have I had contact with an extraterrestrial? Given their penchant for anal probing, and given that my recent colonoscopy was negative, I'd say no.
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    Eridanus Supervoid is a parallel universe

    Another universe, huh? Just one? That's rather disappointing.
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    Elon Musk is Accumulating Assets Purely to Fund His Dream of Making Humans a Multi-Planetary Species

    This would be the best (and probably the least expensive) way for humanity to permanently settle off-world. The best thing about it is that most of the materials necessary for construction are already out there, waiting to be used. Sending robotic "miners" to a near-Earth asteroid would be step...
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    You, the Seeker

    A few more random thoughts related to alternate universes and alternate "yous" and You: - - - How many universes? Let's ignore the more exotic ones for a moment. The one where our "evil twin" lives or the one where we have been unanimously elected President of Earth (or perhaps they are one...
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    Traveller's Tale

    The Epilogues "Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.)" - Walt Whitman. Song of Myself - - - Introduction Who the Hell Writes an Introduction to an Epilogue? Well, I suppose I do. I have to. In the years since I first wrote the...
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    Traveller's Tale

    Chapter Seventeen Freedom and Peace (Today) I'll make this short and sweet. I still wasn't free because I was still doing what I had always done. When I was a young man, I was a Christian. And I felt that it was my duty to make everybody else a Christian, too. When I was a New Age guru, I...
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    Traveller's Tale

    Chapter Sixteen Sunday Morning on the Road to Damascus (2008) One Sunday morning, not long after the last traces of my story had been stripped from the net and the last of my followers had remarked negatively about my parentage and accused me of indecent relations with my mother, I lay in bed...
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    Traveller's Tale

    Chapter Fifteen Traveller Chases His Tail (2005-2008) I had titled the story which was responsible for my limited fame and new age guruhood "Traveller's Tale". I was, of course, Traveller. I latched onto that screen-name because I thought it was descriptive of the journey I had experienced...
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    Traveller's Tale

    Chapter Fourteen The Frustrated New Age Guru (2001-2005) The story you've read thus far has (more or less) been told before. It once existed on a number of internet forums dedicated to paranomal phenomena. It even had its own blog (like duh, dude, what doesn't?). It was a hot topic of...
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    Traveller's Tale

    Part Three Conclusions " is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." - William Shakespeare. Macbeth. Act V. Scene 5. - - - Chapter Thirteen Words, Words, Words (1995-2001) If you've managed to slog though this far, then I have good news. Part Three is much...
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    Traveller's Tale

    Chapter Twelve Trickster (Date Unknown) The last of the implanted memories I want to share is also the last one of its kind that I had. After that, things settled down to normal (whatever "normal" may be; please don't ask me what that is). The thing is, within the context of my conversations...