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  • OK truth past eighteen years I'm a host for the grey agenda , infiltration , I know your last name mayhem, Inquisition.
    Look mayhem you flipping tit shall I change my name to havoc LOL get of my case I have every right to be here just as you , clear !
    lol, cause your not to bright. You use the same pic for one and talk he same. Whats yor last name, cant be hard to find.
    A member asked me if I was using an alias , if I did how's these alias' s SAS , Marines, MiB. Ebe x Jehovah , sac, pans, JFK's , secret service , soldier's, all traitors NWO ,so no I'm not using an alias
    don't worry about the world, anyone here from UK , I've misses several episodes of hollyoaks , need a catch up
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