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  1. brian jj

    steven gibbs time travel reports

    hi do you know where the site might have these pdfs have been looking a while for them
  2. brian jj

    my youtube videos

    I have many upcoming experiments with time in the future. please go to my channel an subscribe
  3. brian jj

    I built the bajak flux capacitor

    and i believe it actually works. there is a unique arrangement of piezo element and capacitor which is crucial. I tested it with two clocks. both of them mostly synchronized. Put one of the clocks in front of the peizo and tuned the knobs. didn't notice anything right away but a few hours...
  4. brian jj

    what would proof of time travel be?

    if somebody can came up to you what would they show that is incontrovertible proof they are from the future?
  5. brian jj

    I visited year 2045

    last week I had enough psychic juice to astrally go to 29 years into the future. I got very relaxed and close to sleep when scenes started to appear behind my eyelids. What i saw was amazing. There was a huge stadium filled with people. They were watching a drone race from far away in...
  6. brian jj

    i want to go 30 years into the future.

    i would love to go 30 years into the future even if i cannot come back. To witness real AI, own a computer that is more powerfull than all the computers that exist today in a tablet. nanotechnology, driverless cars, manned mars missions, amazing medicine advances. Before I go I would put my...
  7. brian jj

    How pyramids work

    I spoke with somebody who told me that the way pyramids work is that the shape causes electrons to flow in what is called corridors. these are spaces in between dimensions. The flower of life represents fractal space and the electron morphs into another form going into these spaces. lets say...
  8. brian jj

    Why you cannot go back in time

    I had a chat with a guy from facebook. whom i believe to be in close contact with the deep black military programs of the US navy. he showed me how pyramid really work and what antigravity is. This person came to me after I post i made in a psychic facebook page. we went to a more secure...
  9. brian jj

    My vortex video atlast

  10. brian jj

    detecting and proving vortexes.

    lets discuss and try it out for ourselves
  11. brian jj

    how to time travel naturally

    i spoke to a member here how I think i might have time traveled to the 1920's for a moment. I was thinking about the time period while i was walking and i saw some older woman dressed up as somebody did during then. coincidence?
  12. brian jj

    What the giza pyramids true purpose could be

    I read on Inicio that the giza pyramids were used to transport souls from earth to the orion constellation. A year ago I had this pyramid I built out of steel rods soldered together. the entire thing was 1 foot on a side. Not too big. I put it on my head like you would wear a hat and began...
  13. brian jj

    My chronovisor

    I built a chronovisor time camera off of the schematics shown in ARDtime camera pdf which shows the radionic dials and stuff. It doesn't work yet. i tried it with a roll of 35mm film. This my first attempt. below the copper coil lies a large double terminated quartz crystal
  14. brian jj

    The story of my avatar

    I found a way to develop the ability to read photographs with the mind. What I did was put my hand over the photograph or painting and catch the first image that came into my mind with the intention that I am reading the photo. Every person face is like an IP address to thier soul. A photo...
  15. brian jj

    time travel is nothing to mess with!

    If somebody invents physical time travel i imagine that the risk of death is very great. i am talking getting burned to a crisp/charcoal briquette in milliseconds type of power levels involved which is nuclear bomb territory. Not saying that this power comes from an artificial source like a...
  16. brian jj

    Alien women are the best

    Think about it many alien species have females that are far hotter than models. its the next frontier of mail order brides. Since american capitalism has spoiled every human being on the face of the earth. If you are a man of limited or no means you have zero shot of getting an attractive...
  17. brian jj

    what is time

    I need to ask f you want to travel in time you must first define what time is.
  18. brian jj

    Vortex detecting equipment

    I just invented a vortex detecting device. I glued a bunch of compasses to a styrofoam stick in a row. If there are magnetic field distortions the compass at the end will move while the others will not. I have a small vortex on my bedroom and the needles move barely when you stick it around...
  19. brian jj


    I have a story. believe it if you want but I have a new roommate. A locust like alien lady came in from a porthole I made by staring at a flower of life. If you took a grasshopper and evolved it into a human like form and gave it a miley cyrus type haircut you would have this creature. for...
  20. brian jj

    why no negroes?

    I always wondered why are there no black aliens. Of all the alien types maybe some that are like spanish. Maybe black people are indigenous to earth only.