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  1. SergiusPaulus

    Hey John did you...

    Create the internet newsgroups when you came back? There’s a lot of stuff there a time traveler would know and profit from before the Internet took off.
  2. SergiusPaulus

    In his hands?

    In the black and white is John holding a Camera? Maybe a Minolta? :) From the Mind of Minolta. Such a catchy slogan back in the day.
  3. SergiusPaulus

    Enochian Tables?

    I stumbled on them last year and it lit up like a Christmas tree when I saw it. Metaphorically. Historically Dee and his partner were approached a few hundred years ago. But are their earlier attempts that were not as successful? Thank you.
  4. SergiusPaulus

    Hello Zeshua...

    Just kidding. She hasn’t texted since February from 2027. Anyway. Can data of any kind travel on a bolt of electricity such as seen in these devices? Would wireless data be faster than a bolt transmission, or would there be a benefit to a bolt transmission versus a wave/frequency transmission?
  5. SergiusPaulus


    Did John describe his sunglasses? Are they AI glasses like google glass? I had a pair long ago in the war.
  6. SergiusPaulus


    Fancy name for search engine. Is there a dedicated aggregator of all mentions of John Titor? A search engine gets bogged down with unrelated sites usually. Is there a search method for finding the most Titor results in the search? Have you seen .CFM sites about him yet? A security guy had one.
  7. SergiusPaulus

    It’s TTR

    We don’t use vowels.
  8. SergiusPaulus


    This is a picture of one eon of a bitcoin. Tell me when it came from for another fish. <><
  9. SergiusPaulus


    STEM is rather interesting. This was my grandmother Jessie at that age.
  10. SergiusPaulus

    What is smaller?

    Quantum technology or Nano technology.
  11. SergiusPaulus

    Jarvis you have a leak.

    Tony Stark can help you fix it.
  12. SergiusPaulus

    Promised Land

    When the Jews entered the promised land here in America after Moses was not allowed to enter it did you ever find undeniable proof? Gold plates or stone plates or plates of other minerals? Other dishes maybe?
  13. SergiusPaulus

    It’s Joan. Not John.

    She still loves her Sunglasses. She got breast emplants. That’s why it’s not John Dickor. I had to protect her identity til we got married. They kept taking all the other women in my life.
  14. SergiusPaulus

    In a galaxy far far away

    In the sequel why do they show Luke with a robotic infrastructure. I thought he was 100% life.
  15. SergiusPaulus

    Christian Rapture June 5, 2013

    I am sending this as a warning to consider what happened on CNN on June 6, 2013. If true then not much time left til we know for sure.
  16. SergiusPaulus

    The message I read on my browser.

    Not sure if its the same verbiage as other peoples browsers. I hear each browser may be seeing different variations of it. He says he is here and there is no pandemic. If John is christian like he says, and he is from the future, then spiritual warfare as proposed by religion may be more...
  17. SergiusPaulus

    Gyro Wrapped.

    How do you wrap a gyro around the sun? Star Trek.....
  18. SergiusPaulus

    Sin Tech

    Sin is a deadly game in real life. Be careful. it was popular in my network of friends when it was created.
  19. SergiusPaulus

    New Jerusalem

    Yes it’s biblical. Yes it’s revelation 21. Why describe something you can not see. With the right multi dimensional viewing equipment do you see any peculiar atmospheric distortion if Borrego Springs CA was the bottom left corner of it? Yes my leading is divine. So no evidence.
  20. SergiusPaulus


    This was at the time given on the photo. They were solid dark green to the naked eye. My camera caught a gold tint on their chests. I figure it’s another SCI-fi effect to mimic the Heart of Gold in Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy.