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  1. Tweety

    Captain of the ship was drunk

    Yes, the captain of the Titanic was in bed drunk and with a woman thus causing a tragedy which not only killed many people but ruined the lives of many families.
  2. Tweety

    Any Cat Lovers Here!

    I just wondered if anyone here is a fan of cats and kittens. I am owned by four tabbies and a short haired domestic cat.
  3. Tweety

    The Tyrant!

    I hate Donald Trump. This is exactly how Hitler got his start. Bernie Sanders was a good candidate but Hilary supporters who are so Stupid has to come up with super delegates just to guarantee her victory in the convention thus leaving two final candidates for presidency both of who are not...
  4. Tweety

    Help with Discord!

    First off, how is that server going? Are there enough ppl to have a good conference? Now I cannot login there cause of the f2a key cause I got a new phone. Can someone help me with this and before anyone tells me to contact discord support I already did that and they are not helpful. Some...
  5. Tweety

    A certain way many players cheat on video games by “time travel”!

    There are certain video games I play that not only botting goes on but many players “time travel”. I do not condone nor engage in this type of behavior nor am I judging these ppl. What they do is change the clocks on their iPads/iPhones/pc into next day or several hours later and their crops...
  6. Tweety


    My name on here is Tweety. I came here because I am intrigued by time travel and I hope it is one day possible.