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  1. Maulbeere

    The Hum

    Just to clarify, it wasn't the other side of Southampton, this building that seemed to be the source, was at the end of the same residential road, just a few houses away. And as mentioned, this is not something everyone can hear, it's described as a very deep, almost subsonic and very smooth...
  2. Maulbeere

    Any ways to scientifically prove the occult?

    That's an awfully broad subject. Different occult phenomena have effects at different levels of reality, and would need different techniques to attempt verification. The ones that don't have a physical effect are probably not going to be verifiable using modern physics. They might if they're...
  3. Maulbeere

    I noticed that whenever I sniff somebody grunts, changes their body language and sometimes sniffs back. Has anybody here experienced that?

    Oh I said, no, but come to think of it I hardly sniff ever. Is this just that body language synchronicity thing that people do as social animal though? I think there's a name for it but I forget.
  4. Maulbeere

    benefits of eating 8 servings of fermented fruit and vegetables every day?

    I wouldn't expect all 8 servings would need to be replaced, but yes, pre-biotics have been shown in studies to have a beneficial effect. Your biome also affects your immune system, your skin and pretty much your heath overall. Personally, I would not eat 8 serving of veggies though and I...
  5. Maulbeere

    The Hum

    My mother has heard this, but it was traced to the University of Southampton Campus, (Highfield, S'oton, UK). The University declined to respond meaningfully to complaints or requests for information from local residents, apparently. I did not hear it myself, but neither did she while I was...
  6. Maulbeere

    Shadow Cats

    I've seen shadows the size, rough shape and feel of cats on and off my whole life (I'm in my 40s now). I wondered if they were basically ghosts. I also heard once from the astral travel community that cats can astral travel, which could imply a cat could be exploring in it's sleep as well. In...
  7. Maulbeere

    Hello, nice to meet you!

    Hi, I'm Mulberry. I just found this forum from searching for more info while listening to an Art Bell podcast interview with Mad Mad Markum. Came for the update, staying for the cool threads :) It's a topic that interests me along with those people that switch lives. Personally, I notice the...