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  1. StarTraveller94

    Is there any device anyone here knows of that could allow multiverse travel?

    Does anyone here know of any kind of device that one could use to travel the multiverse?
  2. StarTraveller94

    Are evil people capable of realizing they're evil?

    What are your thoughts on the matter? Your input is appreciated.
  3. StarTraveller94

    The Multiverse

    Hello. I created this thread because I wanted to discuss the topic of the multiverse with you guys, in any of it's interpretations. First, let me state what I believe about the multiverse. I believe in the most broad interpretation I can think of. I think the multiverse is infinite, and as...
  4. StarTraveller94

    How does one stay safe while using magick?

    I hear that using it can be dangerous. How can one stay safe while using magick?
  5. StarTraveller94

    Any leftists/socialists/communists here?

    Just curious, figured there must be some.
  6. StarTraveller94

    Is there any kind of technology that can assist with astral travel?

    Are there any schematics on this site that detail how to build a device that assists with astral travel?
  7. StarTraveller94

    How many members here are Christians?

    And what denomination were you raised in?
  8. StarTraveller94

    Does anyone here have any schematics for a portal device?

    I seek technology for purposes of exploration. Like say creating a portal to a habitable planet somewhere in the universe.
  9. StarTraveller94

    Questions for hell believers.

    Not seeking confrontation over beliefs, just curious. 1. Why do you believe in this particular idea? 2. Do you believe it is eternal or temporary? 3. Have you had personal experiences that led you to believe in this?
  10. StarTraveller94

    Does Magic exist?

    And if it does, how does it work, and what does it do?
  11. StarTraveller94

    What is the strangest situation you have ever been in?

    And by strange, I mean twilight zone weird. And why was it so?
  12. StarTraveller94

    Have any of you heard about or read the Book of Aquarius PDF?

    I came across a PDF uploaded by an anonymous author several years ago that supposedly details both the history and the practical methods for creating the philosopher's stone. Supposedly the stone comes in two forms: the white version, which can cure any disease, turns any metal into silver, and...
  13. StarTraveller94

    Has anyone here considered experimenting with Multiverse travel?

    Is there anyone on this board that ever entertained the idea of experimenting with Multiverse travel? If someone did want to pursue this line of work, where would you recommend they start looking?