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  1. Starlight9903

    i need help from a time traveler on this website

    okay so i am very well aware of how much this is asking but i need help. No i don't wanna go back in time to change something or to make something terrible happen, i just wanna go back and time to live there, i feel a calling to the 70s like im supposed to be there and not in this time. I know...
  2. Starlight9903

    In dire need to find a time traveler

    hello, this is my second cry for help to find a time traveler on here anyone at all who knows of one that might be able to help me and bring me back. I want to make it clear i don't wish to change anything or stop a death or a certain event from happening, my intent was to never mess with the...
  3. Starlight9903

    HDR unit ( hyper dimensional resonator)

    does anyone on here know if the HDR unit really works? I've read up on a couple of things and i haven't seen anyone say it works so i was wondering if anyone on here used it and it worked.
  4. Starlight9903

    Looking for a time traveler

    Hello, i joined this site for one certain reason i have hope to travel back in time and live in the past, and I just need help, ive caught myself at a dead end, and I don’t know where to turn, i know you might be thinking, such a crazy dream seems impossible believe me I’ve thought the same...