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    THANK.YOU ❤❤❤❤!!
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    Visit from Grandma - Feather

    I am under the impression for me,hummingbirds are a sign from God it's a personal thing. but I have put out feeders 3 years and I have close to 100 now to enjoy watching. its comfort.
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    Does President Trump have a Time Machine?

    I believe he did. member 11111. the irony
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    what's been up with this anything recent?
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    Dream (Astral Travel?)

    it has been so long since flew. about 2 years I blame my illness. I can do it with medetation but I prefer it to happen naturally. I miss the clean clarity of astral travel my mind has accumulated cobwebs .
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    hello homer

    thanks ❤
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    Music and life

    music is everything besides God and family.
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    Shadow Person Sighting

    I see shadow ppl.regularly to the point of it's not even abnormal. not sure what who they are but they dont bother me my house is on the trail of tears and also a bloody Confederate battle ground site .
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    Living in the Present

    I enjoy the present just not being sick. I want to travel to the future to be cured and then come back
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    Visit from Grandma - Feather

    my experience has been numerology. 11. other numbers but mostly 11. I buried my dad on 11 11 11 and it's been crazy since then to the point of it's become normal. I dont thinki it is just my dad anymore.
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    Debate I'd like to promove a dabate to seek opinions of "self replacing" time travel,basically taking your memories to yourself in the past.

    but do you want to change it do you like where you are now do you have ppl you love they may not be there if you try to change the past which is why if it were possible to go to the past beyond memories I would only want to be a hologram. I'd love to go to Woodstock.
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    How did you find Paranormalis ?

    I joined the time travel fund and found the link to here. there. ;)
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    hello homer

    the simpsons seem to have the future plotted out ! no joke. how?! I'm old. I am sick and I am hoping to wake up in a paradox that will take me to futuristic medecine to cure me and send me back to enjoy my life with my grandkids. that's all i desire as far as time travel. paranormal? it can go...
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    everything goes somewhere. including time.