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  1. Starlight9903

    i need help from a time traveler on this website

    okay so i am very well aware of how much this is asking but i need help. No i don't wanna go back in time to change something or to make something terrible happen, i just wanna go back and time to live there, i feel a calling to the 70s like im supposed to be there and not in this time. I know...
  2. Starlight9903

    If I wanted to build a time machine to the past.

    if you find a way bring me back with you please
  3. Starlight9903

    If I were to somehow actually time travel but only to the past, how could I prove it?

    so are you saying you have a real time machine that you have gone to the past with?
  4. Starlight9903

    In dire need to find a time traveler

    I've thought about it long and hard i don't care if i'm not in the same timeline, that is a risk in willing to take. I do appreciate you looking out for my while being though. I've heard a lot of people saying 2028 is the year the public will get time travel but i know it exists now, so im...
  5. Starlight9903

    In dire need to find a time traveler

    hello, this is my second cry for help to find a time traveler on here anyone at all who knows of one that might be able to help me and bring me back. I want to make it clear i don't wish to change anything or stop a death or a certain event from happening, my intent was to never mess with the...
  6. Starlight9903

    A message for all people

    Hyper Dimensional Resonator, a device Steven Gibbs created said to be able to take you back in time physically and none physically. Theirs a lot of skepticism on it saying its a scam and others saying they've actually used it before and it works, i find it all very interesting, but that's what...
  7. Starlight9903

    A message for all people

    have you ever gone back with the unit? jumped back phyiscallly, ive currently owned a unit for about a year, tired many time and failed, i want to go back to the 1970s and stay there, is there anyway you could help me out, thanks in advance.
  8. Starlight9903

    Time machine

    would the time machine only be able to go into the future or would you be able to go into the past?
  9. Starlight9903

    Time travel

    oh alright, thank you anyways. Have a nice day
  10. Starlight9903

    Time travel

    i dont know who jackson is but if he knows them could you maybe help me get in contact with him then? id really appreciate it
  11. Starlight9903

    Time travel

    well do you know anyone else that knows them?
  12. Starlight9903

    Time travel

    well is there anyway i could get in contact with them?
  13. Starlight9903

    Time travel

    I'm having a bit of trouble following what your saying but im looking for a way to go back in time to before i was born and stay there, if you knew anyone or anything that could help at all id greatly appreciate the help.
  14. Starlight9903

    Time travel

    How did you travel back in time? I'm very serious about finding a way back and i'd be very interested to hear your experience, and if you could with giving me just a bit of insight it would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to talking to you and thank you in advance.
  15. Starlight9903

    Time travel

    How did you get there? If you don't mind me asking, if your serious i'd love to talk to you more about your experience.
  16. Starlight9903

    Hello. My name is John.

    Do you know if the person that contacted you was legit or not? And if your willing to tell me what did she exactly say in the email?
  17. Starlight9903

    HDR unit ( hyper dimensional resonator)

    does anyone on here know if the HDR unit really works? I've read up on a couple of things and i haven't seen anyone say it works so i was wondering if anyone on here used it and it worked.
  18. Starlight9903

    PROOF Of My Time/Travelers/Alien Contacts

    Hello, i know this is a long stretch considering your situation, but you said you came across many people who emailed you back that were legit time travelers. I'm in desperate need to go back, so would you maybe be willing to give me one of their emails? I know its a long shot but one of the...
  19. Starlight9903

    hello, i'm sorry if i'm bothering you, but i haven't stopped thinking about your reply to my...

    hello, i'm sorry if i'm bothering you, but i haven't stopped thinking about your reply to my post, if you'd like to talk id greatly appreciate you taking the time out of your day to talk to me, thanks in advance
  20. Starlight9903

    Looking for a time traveler

    i dont quite know what you are referring to, but if you knew something id greatly appreciate you letting me know whatever it is, but to somewhat answer your question, well the second half of your question, yes id be willing to pay for a method of time travel.