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    share funny political cartoons and animated videos. funny dem and rep

    There has to be one on the 33,000 emails?
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    Forum Game The Word Association

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    Chat message

    Your the time travel detective:)
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    Think a few here need a direct phone line to God:)

    Think a few here need a direct phone line to God:)
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    Framework of the Future

    Picked out @HeraldOfTruth early when i said he was a budding author. Jul 3, 2020 Add bookmark #47 Sounds like a budding author hmmm...........
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    Preserving Bodies in a Deep Freeze: 50 Years Later What do John Wayne, Walt Disney and Goulburn man Ron Fielding have in common? Though i have also seen Wayne buried at the Pacific View Memorial Park cemetery in Corona Del Mar, California.
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    Do binaural beats work?

    I have tried quite a few over the last 3-5 years. i doser one of them more than anything patience to actually sit and listen rather than say when does something happen.
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    Wonder if John Wayne will be brought back didnt he get frozen after death?
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    How to open a dimensional gate and see aliens book

    It's a translation from the book in the opening post.
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    Hi all

    Welcome aboard @SpookySlinky
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    No time travellers here

    @snowfalls4ever i think you'll find that that there more to it than that.
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    My experience at spell casting

    Nice work @ejkirk24
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    The in forum chat service is used now.

    The in forum chat service is used now.
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    Fine and you?

    Fine and you?
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    Debate will corona virus overwhelm the planet?

    @PaulaJedi everyone is entitled to their own opinion:)
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    A Movement of the mind.

    @TimeFlipper behind all of it that might be the intention otherwise staying awake for that long would negate the whole idea. Depends everyone sleeps different, if it was just a switch off might not need anyone of these aids.
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    No time travellers here

    One question @TimeFlipper why dont you make your own HDR version that would be interesting to see what you think given how you say its so cheap and easy to build.
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    The truth is coming---very soon.

    How soon? Full disclosure or drip feed This always comes up then the can is kicked down the road.
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    Chat message

    hi there