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  1. Pietro Jedi

    3 newspaper headlines from the future.

    Hello, to open this thread in the forum is my help to set a standard regarding the proof needed to show the possibility to comunicate with whom has time travel in the future. Today, now in Italy is the 24th of April 2020.
  2. Pietro Jedi

    Invitation for meeting in Italy

    Hello, is there anyone who could spend a Saturday afternoon chatting together please? Let's meet in the City of Milan or Torino! I know some cool markets there, where to walk and talk. Camon!
  3. Pietro Jedi

    Coral castle. Homestead, Florida USA. EDWARD LEEDSKALKIN

    Do you know this story? I would like to receive a feedback by someone who visited this place. Thank you
  4. Pietro Jedi

    The importance of don't move

    We agree that we are mooving soo fast, maybe about 2.5 kilometer every second. People, you and I, we are mooving and someone have to discover how to use this fast. First of all this is a source of power free of charge and green energy that... Well we too often forget that we are not stopped, we...
  5. Pietro Jedi

    The story of hunters Bajau tribe documentary

    There is this documentary for free on YouTube, it is about 45 minutes of life that I want to share. "The Story of Hunters Bajau Tribe Documentary HD" go for it, welcome.
  6. Pietro Jedi

    Please need help

    Hello, August 20, 2019 Mr Franky Zapata, his contact available in his website , based in the south of France has invented a cheap flying device able to fly one person over the English channel. In my opinion He needs help because the fly board is too loud, still over 110 decibels and...
  7. Pietro Jedi

    Does the Fly Board of Zapata Racing exist in your time lime?

    This is not an advice, because what I know (please correct me) is that this flying machine is not yet on the market. Mr Franky Zapata is a cool man from the South of France, born next to the sea he started his business with the waterjet (moto d'acqua in Italian) the secondary evolution was the...
  8. Pietro Jedi

    Do you know about the existence of Dynamo?

    Steven Frayne aka Dynamo is the best magician of our time. For who is not updated about him I do suggest his book, title: Nothing is impossible.