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  1. BlastTyrant

    Debate So who says they don't / can't exist?

    Sometime's the only evidence is the person who was taken, i could tell you a life time of stories but i have no real way to back it all up, should you believe me? That is completely up to you....But i assure you, i have met and seen many things that the existence of life not of this and of this...
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    If I were in the aliens' position...

    Abductions solely depend on the species of aliens, the Grey's abduct to hybrid their own race as they are dying, so they use us as vessels to continue their species and thats why you hear a lot of story's about people being pregnant or having artificial insemination done and the Greys taking the...
  3. BlastTyrant

    Lurker in the Dark ( Wendigo, Skinwalker, Rake ? )

    From what i can tell and what i know, The likelyhood of seeing a physical Wendigo is very very slim and not many people ever have. Wendigo are spirits that are opportunists who pray on people who are on their dying breath, typically those dying of starvation, and it makes a deal in order for the...
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    Skinwalker interest + tarot reading [HELP]

    From my understanding of the Skinwalkers and Wendigos are 2 things you DON'T want noticing you, in both scenarios it ends very badly for the people they notice and by no means would i ever consider a union as it will mean your death. But yes, They can follow you but typically will give up if...
  5. BlastTyrant

    Phil Schneider - Alien Agenda

    I my self have never believed Phil Schneider story, there is zero evidence of a "Dulce military base" actually existing besides a bunch of miss-identified photos on the internet. Could there be? Sure, absolutely, but Phil never produced anything that could be tested or believed.
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    Coming in contact with Dr. Steven Greer

    I have personal experience with ET all my life, and others who have as well.
  7. BlastTyrant

    Coming in contact with Dr. Steven Greer

    My experience with ET's and people who are still in consistent contact with them is that the ET choose you, if they want to contact you they will, you can meet and speak to whoever you like but if they do not want to speak to you they wont. There are several places in the USA where it is much...
  8. BlastTyrant

    TnWatchdog – R I P

    O man, this breaks my heart, TN was such a good man and i enjoyed many conversations with him, i had the honor of meeting him with Wind7 up here in Minnesota and it was a good time, i will miss him dearly! He would always check up on me and send me PM's to see how things are, damn, until we meet...
  9. BlastTyrant

    I missed you all! Sadly work has blocked this site and i basically live at work for now, but big...

    I missed you all! Sadly work has blocked this site and i basically live at work for now, but big changes coming soon!!
  10. BlastTyrant

    An Interesting Experience

    I hate that! i have had so many experiences with my cell phone 2 inches from me but i am so caught up in the moment that it doesn't even cross my mind to try and take a picture of it!
  11. BlastTyrant

    Pay attention

    They've always been here and always will, the biggest problem is no one looks at the sky anymore, we're all too involved in our cell phones and electronic devices to look at the sky and see them. Sit outside on a clear night away from the city and you'll be guaranteed to see them. And i...
  12. BlastTyrant

    God ?

    I have heard through many regressions when god was mentioned on if there was a god or who is god that they always simply put "God is not a single entity there is no singular being known as "God" God is love, God is the peace and love we feel and strive for, simply put God is love" Jesus along...
  13. BlastTyrant

    Your Avatar, Why?

    My Avatar is the lead singer of my favorite band Clutch, i attribute some of their earlier musical work to my obsession of the paranormal, and in the music video one of my favorite parts is "O This burning beard, i have come undone, it's just as i feared i have i have come undone"
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    Have any of you actually had contact with an extraterrestrial?

    Feel free to ask if you have any other questions
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    Have any of you actually had contact with an extraterrestrial?

    I do believe it goes hand in hand. I was taken for almost all my life it was only until later in my life i managed the courage to finally be like hey, this isn't just you guys doing what you want i want something. And even then it wasn't always that easy, despite the fact i had it happen so many...
  16. BlastTyrant

    Ufo pic

    The trail from the front and back lead me to believe this is a reflection or glare of something not necessarily a ufo, plus it looks to be super close.
  17. BlastTyrant

    Have any of you actually had contact with an extraterrestrial?

    Both lol i had something inserted into my nose and also something pulled from my side "kidney area" i also do believe i have a hybrid some where. They showed me a lot of things, end times scenarios mostly. After awhile i learned to barter with them, i agreed to be taken but i wanted to just...
  18. BlastTyrant

    Have any of you actually had contact with an extraterrestrial?

    Yes i am a experiencer. I was taken all times by the Greys, i met nordic type but for the most part all of my abductions were from the Greys. I am sure i could but i have been in a really bad depression and funk that has really taken it's toll on my aura so until i can resolve it they will not...
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    Hi. I stuck in the year 2018.

    so Alkane is any of the series of saturated hydrocarbons including methane, ethane, propane, and higher members. Propane gas is easy to obtain in any city and most small city's. Cars are and can be converted to run off of propane but they run a lot hotter, so you should be able to run petrol...
  20. BlastTyrant

    Aliens from the universe are not out of space, they come from the earth's bodies themselves. (verified)

    Some of the grey species are us from the future, i believe there are 2, One race is still here and another from a parallel universe had escaped earth due to nuclear warfare. But most species are from different galaxies and planets, they are able to travel like they do due to their high state of...