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    If time travel was invented , why can't we see them ?

    I guess they have a limit where they can only go back to the time when the machine was invented. Or they just hates us.
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    The connection between Gravity And Time.

    Why does Gravity affect time? I hope everyone know General Relativity but i think I couldn't understand it or something but why is Gravity, Space and Time connected? Something from the Big Bang Theory I presume
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    Are they connected? Is there any proof that coincidence is related to time travel
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    The Future Past Question.

    ( I made this question myself ) Imagine Past as 0 and future as 1. So , where is the present? I will post the answer if everyone gets it wrong. This Q came in my dreams and took me 2 days to find the answer. So ,good luck finding out! (It's quite simple , actually)