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  1. Secretman3811

    A time traveler from year 3000 VR video

    find this on you tube video check it out. write back anybody.
  2. Secretman3811

    Questions for any body? Changing timelines

    does going to the past and saving someone life or not or doing to change one person will it affect your or not i think i remember there is no parodox or something so write back anybody.
  3. Secretman3811

    hello check it out? does anybody know what happen to the owner. write back thank you
  4. Secretman3811

    HDR take a look at this.

    HDR: Through the Portal
  5. Secretman3811

    illuminati website

    Our Globalist Agenda: The Next Stage Of The Illuminati’s New World Order | Illuminati Official Website i hope that this does not happen the NWO new world order.
  6. Secretman3811

    ebay time machine

    Time Travel Machine (STM) Space Time Modulator- by Steven L. Gibbs + | eBay have anybody try this one yet.
  7. Secretman3811

    the blog

    SUPERHDR new HDR UNIT blog. that all.
  8. Secretman3811

    A psychic reading?

    does any body know what is my future hold?
  9. Secretman3811

    Time Vortex Activator

    Time Vortex Activator | eBay click the link adove it from ebay but i use to have one cant find the Grid point or write back anybody
  10. Secretman3811

    Laser time travel little informtion.

    here from Steven Gibb on how to use a Laser for Time Travel i attachment to this file.
  11. Secretman3811

    Become a Time Traveler?

    what would you do if you become a time traveler and then get lost in time? will you become a homeless person? will you be rich? will you be have no food or encounter the Time Cop? what would you do if you get your Memory taken away from you so write back anybody
  12. Secretman3811

    possible a time traveler or ghost or what.

    check this video it may be real or not..
  13. Secretman3811

    Jump Gate!!

    Home check it out coming soon.
  14. Secretman3811

    hello every one check this out.

  15. Secretman3811

    Nuclear Time traveler if it real or not?

    The Case Of The Explosive Nuclear Time Traveler | Mystic Investigations Paranormal Stories from that website here the link adove..tell me what do you think of it.
  16. Secretman3811

    is this true or not Liekillers You

    this video I got from you call Liekiller telling the truth about NIBRIU or Planet x another name please watch it and write back thank you.
  17. Secretman3811

    Liekiller channel about alien.

    I found this on you and it have two part of this video don't know if this is true or not. so write back anybody. part one this is part 2
  18. Secretman3811

    illuminati and hollywood?

    hollywoodilluminatidotcom | Disarming the Hollywood Illuminati Agenda check this links. talk about Hollywood and famous people in illuminati.
  19. Secretman3811

    Pictures from the future?

    2012 December maybe but here it the links December 2012: three days of darkness and panic. Video from a future man?, page 1 it possible that it look like alien coming back.
  20. Secretman3811

    planet x or something.

    watch this it is the china news but can't understand that...