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    What do you think will happen in the near and far out future?

    A lot of people saw the internet coming, I certainly did. A lot of people who wanted to get online (like myself) couldn't. First time I got online was August 1996. I can actually remember that day, vast majority cannot. I went crazy, looking for every search engine I could get my hands on...
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    Electric cars

    What electric car has been hacked by hackers and what exactly did they do to compromise the car?
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    Debate What is the very nature of Time?

    I believe Einstein said it best. Einstein referred to time as being part of a fabric of the space-time continuum. When he referred to it as a fabric, he described it that way because space-time can be warped and manipulated. If you can travel through time, you can travel through space too as the...
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    Let's suppose that the Earth really is hollow. What's the quickest path to enter?

    Inside the earth is a small sun. There is a gravitational field around this sun that pulls in everything, space dust, rocks, water, etc. It's roughly 8 miles thick. If you were walking on the inside of the earth, you would be held in place by the gravitational force the same as if you were...
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    can i travel back in time and change my decision?

    49 yrs old, I wouldn't change a thing with my life or my decisions. At every step of the way, I have made the best decision with the knowledge that I had. No way in hell I change or question anything I did in the past.
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    Robots take our jobs away

    People always make this complaint and it has no merits. Yes, jobs are lost to technological progress, that simply opens up new jobs in different fields, that's the other side of the coin you aren't looking at. The automobile destroyed the Pony Express. You are crying about all the lost jobs with...
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    Which phone do you use?

    Iphone 7, works great, long battery life
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    The Matrix films as parts of a conspiracy?

    There are plenty of rules we live by in our 3 dimensional world. If there were no rules, no repeating patterns, we would not have mathematical equations. The fact that a2+b2=c2 is true and works every time proves there are verifiable rules and laws our reality is driven by.
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    What would you tell your younger self?

    I'm a sharp cookie, have strong faith. I would test myself, ask a question only I could possibly know the answer to. That would tell me all I needed to know. Having gotten that out of the way I'd likely heed my own advice best I could. I'd tell myself to develop my sense of humor. Be much more...
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    gas prices

    I don't understand why you would post gas prices in Texas? Gas prices depends on region. Gas in San Francisco will be much more expensive than anywhere in Texas. I paid nearly $4/gal for Premium in Seattle in 2018 at a Shell station.